`In his time in the estate, Parker itranscripts the Iron Wolf file and it's origins. One day,, Parker walks downstairs when suddenly 4 soldiers surround him and Parker notices 2 dead guards on the ground. They reveal themselves to be Parker's old squadmates, sned out to kill him.

Parker acts surpirsed, but suddenly a group of PMC's enter the building from multiple sides and the 4 soldiers are surrounded. They surrender and Parker grabs a pistol from a guard. He points it at them, but instead of firing, he starts talking about the Iron Wolf weapon.

He explains how the United States posesses a WMD and that he became part of a twisted game between the superpowers struggle for dominance. How soldiers live are wasted for weak politicians not caring about them. Martin asks what Parker is saying, if he hasn't become crazy.

Parker gives them an offer. Join him and bring down the international power struggle, which wastes soldiers' lives and eventually will kill them. Lawson is the first to give him and soon Sanchez and Carmine follow. Martin refuses to at first, but when he realizes how many of his friends he has lost over the course of war, he gives in on one term. That they won't use the Iron Wolf weapon to kill.

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