Parker drives to the nearest airport and starts reading the file. He sees what India Whiskey 142 is, namely the Iron Wolf platform. Right when he realizes what kind of weapon he has intel on, his phone buzzes. He takes it and the caller says he wants to help Parker find safety.

He remains anonymous, but says that if Burzakov gets the hands on the weapon plans, he will rise to power and form a threat to both Russia and the United States. Parker asks what he knows about it and the man answers that they aren't friends, but Burzakov is a rival who will ruin everything for him and what he believes in.

The man offers him a deal. If he travels to Valetta and keep the intel to himself, the man will send a PMC to protect him and his daughter. Parker asks how to get his daughter there and the man replies that Burzakov is not the only one that has access to Krazny operatives.

Parker accepts the offer and travels to Valetta where he is reunited with his daughter. The caller is revealed to be Maksimov, who was Fedorov's right hand in the third world war, and he has been in a feud for the heritage of Krazny after Fedorov's death in Djibouti.

Parker retreats himself into the estate in solitude. Meanwhile, a spy is overlooking the mansion from afar and contacts command, saying the intel was true.

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