Two years later in 2022, Parker retired from tne Army and lives with his wife and daughter Sarah happily in Philladelphia. One day, Parekr returns from work seeing the front door being broken open by force. He rushes inside and finds 2 men in his living room beating up his wife, who lays motionless on the ground with a bullet wound in his head. 

The two men start shouting in Russian, but without seeing  him, Parker backs down into the hallway. Suddenly, he hears a guy upstairs. Without heistating he rushes upstairs and finds one man holding Sarah and dragging her with him. Parker jumps teh man and in the fight, chokes the man to death. 

Sarah is screaming when Parker tries to calm her and grabs the weapon of the man and goes back down stairs. In the hallway, the two men see Parker approaching and run away. Parker doesn't pursue them, but rather runs to his wife.

He tries to revive her, but the CPR doesn't work. Parker sits down and tries to take everything in that happened. 2 hours later, het gets a call from Burzakov, saying that he is behind the assault and that his daughter will be next. He can prevent that if he brings Burzakov classified intel from the Pentagon and then hangs up.

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