The intel Burzakov wants is a file stored in the archives of the Pentagon. Parker's affiliation to the CIA makes him able to get a map of the Pentagon and he sets out his way in. He travels to the pentagon and uses his CIA identity to get in with a group of guards. 

He escape the eyesight of the guards and makes his way to the fentilation shaft. Via the shaft, he crawls to the archives room. He enters teh room and looks for the files, finding the name Burzakov gave: India Whiskey-142.

Right when Parker puts the file in his pocket, an administrator walks in and sees Parker standing. He akss what he is doing and says he shouldn't be there. When he wants to call the other administraotrs for clarification, Parker shoots the administrator with a small pistol. 

After realizing what he has done, he starts running away. In the chaos that ensues in the Pentagon, Parker slips past everyone else and steps outside. In the darkness, he escapes the site, but is caught on camera. The CIA boss, who watches the footage declares him a traitor and calls for an assassination team.

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