It's 2027. A convoy rides through the city of Moscow, Russia, while escorting a limousine. It stops in front of the Kremlin and a group of armored guards step out of the cars. One guard opens the limousine door and Parker steps out. In the doorway of the Kremlin stands a Russian guard, telling Admiral Burzakov that the guest has arrived.

Parker and his followers step into the Kremlin, where Burzakov welcomes him. He and Parker give each other a hug and Burzakov says that he is honored to meet the supreme leader. He offers him to take place in the office, but Parker politely declines. he winks to one of the guards, who takes away the Russian guards away and closes the door.

Burzakov gets nervous and asks what Parker is doing, who replies that there's nothing to worry about. He grabs Burzakov shoudlers to comfort him and starts whispering in his ear, that he knows what Burzakov has done 4 years ago. Burzakov starts muttering that it was a mistake, but Parker plants a knife in his back.

While shushing Burzakov, Parker tells him that the attempt to assassinate him was a big mistake and then he lets go of Burzakov's body, which collapses onto the ground.

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