IDI Exterior Studios
Exterior Studios
Type Division of Infinite Development Incorporated
Headquarters San Francisco, California, USA
Key people Ethan Sumner (President and Company CEO, IDI)
Brandon Lee (President and CEO, CRD)
Mikhail Zheyms (President and CEO, PS)
Alec Verdoorn (Founder and CEO, DECA)
Zara Kingston (Founder and President, ZKS)
Irina Polyakova (CEO, UG)
Industry Video games
Products Video games
IDI Exterior Studios, usually known as IDI Ext., is a division of Infinite Development Incorporated that was founded in 2019. The group is made up of other triple-A developers that have signed into publishing agreements with IDI. The group was founded after Ultima Games and Prime Studios entered publishing contracts with IDI. Unlike IDI Interior Studios and League Industries, none of the developers are owned by IDI and are free to terminate their agreements whenever they see fit. These studios are able to develop games and media related to them without the consent of IDI. The companies also have the ability to consult with IDI for assistance on their own projects.



  • Talks to have DECA enter a publishing agreement begin, but utimately end with DECA staying with NINE100 Studios.


  • Ultima Games enters a publishing agreement with IDI.
  • Prime Studios leaves their publishing contract with NINE100 Studios and enters one with IDI. IDI Exterior Studios is formed.
  • DECA and IDI engage in talks once again, this time with the two companies signing into an agreement.


  • DECA and IDI's contract goes into effect, adding DECA into IDI Exterior Studios.



  • ZK Studios enters a publishing agreement with IDI.


There are currently three developers that are in agreements with IDI Exterior Studios.

North AmericaEdit


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