This is a transcript of Infinite Development Inc.'s E3 2015 presentation.


Introduction by Ethan Sumner

(The above music begins with the lights dimmed down, fading in and out randomly. The music plays on a loop for a bit before fading out. The lights turn off completely.)

(The lights turn on and the above music plays with a 3D version of IDI's logo superimposed on the screen, rotating. At 0:06, Ethan Sumner runs out on stage to an applause. He goes around, high-fiving some audience members and waves at the crowd. At 0:22, the music fades out.)

Ethan Sumner: Hello LA!

(The crowd applauds.)

Ethan Sumner: I'm sorry, but I just didn't hear that so, HELLO LA!

(The crowd cheers louder.)

Ethan Sumner: My name is Ethan Sumner, I am the founder and creative head for IDI and I'm here to show you some amazing games we have in store for next year. I'm not alone though, I've got a couple of my co-workers here to help me present them to you today.

(Ethan wipes off his forehead with his shirt sleeve.)

Ethan Sumner: I'm sweating already. I didn't think presenting was going to be this hard.

(The crowd laughs.)

Ethan Sumner: Anyways, we maybe new to the business, but I'm telling you, we're someone to watch out for. So, here to present our first game, please welcome Colin Arscott who will be presenting, Tank Commander.

Tank CommanderEdit

Tank Commander Presentation by Colin Arscott

(Colin walks out on stage as Ethan hands him the microphone.)

Colin Arscott: Thanks for the introduction, Ethan. As you may have heard, I am Colin Arscott, co-founder and development head at IDI. Now I'm here to present to you:

(An explosion occurs on screen. When the smoke clears, the logo for Tank Commander is on screen.)

Colin Arscott: Tank Commander. A vehicle combat simulator game that puts you in control of hundreds of armored vehicles from multiple countries and time periods.

(Screenshots of vehicle designs and of in-game combat are shown.)

Colin Arscott: While there is a single player game mode with in the game, most of the game takes place in multiplayer. The player will take control of these armored vehicles in ranked matches based on their time period and various other qualities. Here, you will face up to 128 others players in massive battlefields where working as a team is the key to success. Oh and there are AI infantry, just putting that out there.

(Audience applauds.)

Colin Arscott: So who wants to see a trailer?

(Audience cheers. Colin walks off stage and the screen starts playing the Confrontation Trailer.)


(The above music begins. The IDI logo is shown, and then the screen goes to black.)

Commander: Any news on reinforcements?

(The screen fades in, slowly moving right alongside the tracks of a M4 Sherman. Two text boxes appear saying, "VVSS Suspension" and "Hull Armor: 53 mm.")

Radio Operator: No sir. No one outside 100 meters is answering their radios.

(The screen shows the front of the turret. Text boxes appear saying, "Turret Armor: 76 mm" and "Main Armament: 75 mm Cannon.")

Commander: Guess, we're going with what we have. Is our gun ready?

(The back of the tank is shown with a text box saying: "Top Speed: 30 mph.")

Loader: She's ready to go, sir. Let's go hunting.

(The front of the tank is shown with text boxes pointing to the machine guns saying: "Defensive Armament: 2x .30 cal machine guns.")

Commander: All units, we're moving out. Concentrate fire and watch the guys next to you.

(A hill is shown with grass blowing in the wind. A group of American tanks roll over the hill. An overhead view is then shown with the American tanks looking over a ridge at German tanks.)

Commander: Open fire!

(All of the American tanks open fire, destroying some German tanks. The two forces then charge at each other, firing as they move. Tanks get destroyed as the two groups get closer. A side view of the battle is shown as an M4 Sherman hits a Panzer IV, pushing the tanks up into the air. The battlefield then disappears with the two tanks turning into the logo for Tank Commander.)

(Colin walks back on stage.)

Colin Arscott: Pretty awesome, huh? Tank Commander will be available on all eighth-gen consoles on August 11th, 2016 in the United States and August 13th worldwide. Now, here's Parker Griep to present another game for 2016, Fall of Nations.

Fall of NationsEdit

Steel GoliathsEdit





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