All leaked information regarding media developed and produced by Infinite Development Incorporated will be posted here. Each piece of media will get it's own section for information released about it.

Fall of NationsEdit

October 24, 2014Edit

Fall of Nations (under the codename of "Project Valkyrie,") Steel Goliaths, and Tank Commander are the first games announced by Infinite Development Incorporated to be in development. All three games are expected to have a release in 2016.

Steel GoliathsEdit

October 24, 2014Edit

Steel Goliaths (then known as "Project Hunter,") alongside Tank Commander and Fall of Nations are officially announced to be in development with an expected release sometime in 2016.

Tank CommanderEdit

October 24, 2014Edit

Tank Commander, under the guise of "Project Wolfhound," is announced to be in development along with Fall of Nations and Steel Goliaths. It is expected to be released in 2016.

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