"Our struggle is over...! The so-called police actions are stopped by you all... Now. We are going to take back our island from those capitalistic pigs. We have bowed far too long for the leaders of the wall street corruption, who took everything from us. We came to this island, to support a cause. A cause of a visionaire. A cause of somebody who lost everything he had. A cause of one of us. Today is the day we enter a new era. Today is Independence Day."
―Separatist speeching during the mass trials.[src]
Independence Day
Previous level Gaia
Next level Vulcan's Fury
Game Warzone: Shade
Character Cpl. Dalton
Weapons M107A1 (mounted only)

ACR w/Grenade Launcher and Reflex Sight

Lusa A2 w/Reflex Sight

Enemy weapons Galil ACE w/various attachments

Model L w/various attachments

T2 MK5 w/various attachments

FLG w/various attachments

CT G2 w/various attachments

SPAS-15 w/various attachments


Lusa A2 w/various attachments


Place Honolulu, Hawaii
Enemies Separatists

"Independence Day" is the tenth campaign mission of Warzone: Shade.


Main article: Independence Day/Transcript

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