Alex Walker
Alex Walker (ID1)
Gender Male
Nationality English
Age 22 (ID)
Status Alive
Appearances In Decay

Alexander "Alex" Walker is a character that first appeared in In Decay, as the leading character and protagonist. Understandably, he is the first character seen in game. Throughout the game, Alex and Mike Pearce are shown to be best friends, and often roam Felsborough together. Over the course of the game, it is gradually hinted that Alex has been highly affected by the Huntsman Syndrome outbreak. He often responds to suggestions with a lack of confidence or hostility, and has acted, on occasion, irrationally.

Alex also has an extremely tight bond with his sister, Lucy. At one point, Andrew Evans commented on the relationship, with George replying "You have to love the family you've got left". This leads some people to believe that George had lost a close relative in the past.

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