The Road
Previous level Overture 2014
Next level Barricade
Game In Decay
Character Alex Walker
Weapons Inox
Enemy weapons None
Place Felsborough
Date June 16th, 2015
Chapters Chapter 1
Enemies Huntsmen

The Road is the second mission of In Decay and the first mission of Chapter 1. It takes place seven months after the events of Overture 2014. It begins with Alex taking down what are now known as Huntsmen. It then follows Alex as he returns to his groups from scavenging around various shops. The mission is treated as a tutorial for the basic firearm and melee combat mechanics, as Alex now has a gun.


The mission begins with Alex stabbing a Huntsman in the head and laying him down. After, he enters a fairly large department store with a medium amount of enemies wandering around. After dispatching the enemies and looting various supplies such as food and materials, Alex leaves the store and walks through the street, using the alleys and cutting through small shops to avoid any encounters. Eventually Alex reaches a gardening store, which also has Huntsmen present. Alex takes them out and collects seeds and other supplies for use in creating a sustainable source of food. Following this, the sun begins the go down and Alex heads back to the safe house.

Traversing the town using the same tactics as before, Alex eventually reaches his group and safe house, which was formerly his friend Gareth's comic book and merchandise store. Alex is welcomed back by his cousin Lucy, who finds the prospect of a food source exciting. After this, he meets with Mike, Shaun and Andrew, and is informed that near all civilian communications are completely down, and that the entire country has been overrun. Following this, Alex can talk to people in the safe house and look around the town until the next mission becomes available.



Main article: In Decay/Chapter 1/The Road/Transcript


  • 7 Months (15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy bronze) - Complete The Road on any difficulty

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