Previous level The Road
Next level Firing Line
Game In Decay
Character Alex Walker
Weapons Dependent
Enemy weapons None
Place Felsborough
Date June 17th, 2015
Chapters Chapter 1
Enemies Huntsmen

Barricade is the third mission of In Decay and the second mission of Chapter 1. It canonically takes place a day after the prior mission, although the player can start the mission at any time. It follows Alex on a scavenging run for wood and other sturdy materials to fix up the safe house's barricades. It also introduces the Riley Harper. It is the first mission where weapons are not defined, other than the Machete, as it is possible the player has found weapons in the open world.


The mission begins Naomi tearing down rotten defences and Mike questioning what she is doing. Upon seeing Alex, they request that finds as much spare wood as possible to help rebuild the safe house's barricades. The first location Alex heads to is a closed down shop with boarded up windows. The player can then collect a small amount of wood The second and final location is a large hardware store which houses several boards of an appropriate size. Upon reaching the store, it is found to be roaming with Huntsmen. While sneaking up on a Huntsman, it is shot with an arrow, with a voice telling Alex to be still.

The person is Riley Harper, who questions who Alex is and what he is doing. Alex asks her to join the survivor group, with Riley asking why she should. Alex replies by mentioning the groups good supply of food and well-defended shelter. Riley agrees to travel with Alex and help clear the store and find wood. Upon clearing the store with Riley and finding wood, the player is free to leave and return to the safe house with Riley. On the way Alex will engage Riley in conversation, which reveals a bit of her background. Upon getting to the safe house, Riley will enter first, which prompts Tyler to immediately draw his gun on her, before Alex tells him that she's friendly. Alex and Riley then put the wood down ready to be used in construction of new barricades. Riley is also introduced to Naomi and Mike, with Naomi offering to show her around and letting her get to know everyone.



Main article: In Decay/Chapter 1/Barricade/Transcript


  • The Archer (15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy bronze) - Complete Barricade on any difficulty

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