Overture 2014
Previous level None
Next level The Road
Game In Decay
Character Alex Walker
Weapons Machete
Enemy weapons None
Place Felsborough
Date November 3rd, 2014
Chapters Chapter 0
Enemies Huntsmen

Overture 2014 is the first mission of In Decay and the only mission of Chapter 0. It acts as a prequel to the game. It features Alex, Mike and Joel in the process of welcoming Andrew back from his travels in Europe, before they are disrupted by a huge number of alarms and crashes. Alex's house is then attacked by crazed human creatures, resulting in the group having to escape.


Alex, Mike and Joel are in the process of welcoming Andrew back from his travels in Europe. After a short while, masses of screams and crashing are heard and the apartment door is hit, prompting Alex to grab a machete from the kitchen. The door is eventually smashed open, with a crazed man looking at Alex ready to attack. When it attacks, Alex kills it and causes panic. Following that, more banging and screaming is heard, so the group decide to escape. The only viable exit from the building is the fire escape, which the group use to reach the ground. They then discover chaos in the streets, with people running away from the crazed creatures.

The group are eventually seen by some of the creatures, and begin to run. The crowds cause problems with the mass escape, with damaged vehicles crashing into buildings and causing blockages. Amongst the chaos, several gunshots and screaming can be heard, and eventually an explosion from a building knocks several people unconscious and leaves some people dead. After running for some time, a car drives out from an alley and hits Alex, immediately cutting the screen to black. The title of the game is then displayed, followed by the year 2015.



Main article: In Decay/Chapter 0/Overture 2014/Transcript


  • The Last Day (15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy bronze) - Complete Overture 2014 on any difficulty

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