The Immersion is a fictional game console developed by EternalBlaze Industries, set as the successor to the Imagination. It can be assumed that any games made by EB Industries is compatible with the Immersion.Further details are yet to be released.


In comparison to the Imagination, the Immersion really has not significantly changed. It features a sleeker design as well as better specs, allowing games to run at an even smoother pace while maintaining better graphics. What has also changed is the memory drive size, allowing for players to hold more games, game content, videos, music, movies, and more on their system.

The Immersion is backwards compatible with Imagination games, although the Imagination games will only play at their best specs and will not utilize the Immersion's capabilities.

New Controller?Edit

One of the most significant changes is the controller. On the Imagination, players had to wear bulky helmets that really only allowed for them to "feel" the game through brain signals in the head. However, the Immersion's controller is a full body suit, including covering of the face (yes, people can breath through it).

The body suit contains nano-sized sensors within the fabric, which allows the suit to be integrated into the games.

Current GamesEdit

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