"Use your Imagination."

The Imagination is a fictional next-gen video game console created by EternalBlaze and his fictional company, EternalBlaze Industries. It can be assumed the Imagination is compatible with all video game creations also by EternalBlaze.

The engine utilized by all games on the Imagination is known as the Imagination 2.0, as the it is the second version of the original engine. A new engine named EBIE has been developed for future games.



The Imagination is a small white device, almost as large as Nintendo Wii. When the player turns it on and places their helmet controller on, the Imagination Home will be simulated around them and they can use either touch or voice to get where they want. The Home is designed similar to that of a computer desktop.

Instead of having disc games, the Imagination stores everything, including games, digitally. The Imagination Marketplace is based off of and designed similarly to the Xbox Marketplace. In order to purchase games or other accessories, the player must provide a billing address or credit card number.

How does purchasing things work? The player can purchase anything on the Imagination Marketplace, essentially. After clicking or saying "purchase [insert item]," a credit card number will have to be entered, so the system will know what account to take however much money it needs to. Credit card numbers can be saved, so they do not have to be re-entered. If the buyer prefers, a bill can be sent to their residence (so long as an address is provided) and the purchase will be completed once the company receives the bill back. This process may take a day or two, however.

User InterfaceEdit

Players can interact with this simulated game world by placing a helmet controller on their head, basically as large as a motorcycle helmet. This helmet allows the player to enter the game world and interact with any and all possible objects. As for gameplay, the player's movements will be sensed and will synchronize the movements with the character, causing the character to do the same thing as the player.


Gameplay is also as real as it gets. What is a slight drawback to the Imagination is that the player is only limited to what they can actually do. This means that a player can only run so far, reload so fast, jump so high, or play so well because they are the controller. In games where the player is in conflict, the player can get injured (without death) or gibbed and this will hinder their playing ability. An example is that if the player's leg is broken, they wouldn't be able to run as well.

Players are given choices 99.5% of the time when playing Imagination games. Instead of having to press any buttons for options (well, there are no buttons), the player can just say what they want to do.

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