"Escape the crime, pollution and despair of the Wasteland. Apply now for a better, more happier and safer life. Hortus, it's better here."
―Hortus advertisement seen around the Wasteland

Hortus (Latin: Pleasure Grounds) is a pristine man-made city designed to provide a quality of life to rival and succeed any world-class city. After years of planning and development it was finally built in 2080, 2 years after the 'Extinction Event'. The city is located in geographical center of the Greater United States and is bordered by The Wall and surrounded by the Half-Light Gap.


Hortus is located in the center of the Greater United States, making it easily accessible from any direction. It's integrity is protected by The Wall, a 12 meter high fortification constructed out of amorphous fullerene covered with seven inch nanotech composite titanium hydride plates. Two man-made artificial terrestrial biomes, named Adam and Eve were built to preserve the wildlife before the 'Extinction Event' as well make the city more natural. 


Weather as well as the four seasons are artificially created and maintained in Hortus. The city generates an average climate and maintains a comfortable temperature of 22 °C with bad weather from time to time to create a realistic environment. Summers in the city are slightly hotter than the average temperature with one or two days reaching the maximum of 30°C. Winter is modeled exactly like summer and Autumn and Spring are based around the ideal temperature.

Law and GovernmentEdit

The Hortian Police Force is the law enforcement agency that serves and protects the city of Hortus. They are responsible for the protection of the citizens of Hortus as well as enforcing the law by using Neuromuscular Incapacitates to apprehend the assailant. The force mostly consists humanoid robots such as the Homeland Patriot Droid and the Enforcement Droid, human officers are rare due to the lack of crime in the city.

Volent Crime is non-existent im Hortus and crime in general occurs once or twice a year due to accidental reasons

Law Enforcement AgenciesEdit

  • Hortian Police Force
  • Horian Boader Patrol

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