Horizon is a medium-sized map featured in Warzone: Evolved.


Horizon takes place in a high rise district in Shanghai, atop of 4 skyscrapers. The map features multiple levels in the skyscrapers, with elevators connecting the top and bottom floors. In essence, the map features 2 main areas, the top and the inside levels, with levels in the building figuring as transport. It has a symmetrical style. All engagements dominate in their own areas, close quarters inside the buildings, medium range on top of a skyscraper and long range from skyscraper to skyscraper. To connect the skyscrapers with each others. Players can activate and deactivate mechanical bridges, which can be used to walk over. The grappling hook gadget is also a wise item to use.

Map ExclusivesEdit

  • Mechanical bridges can be activate to stretch out and form a walkway between skyscrapers. There are many different bridges located in each skyscraper. Enemy players can sabotage the outer end to deactivate them or simply push the button like teh activation button at the beginning of the bridge.
  • A tactical scorestreak appears in this map called Air Fleet. During games, one team gets access to a supporting air fleet, a squadron of Assault Helos that take position near each rooftop, They fire at enemies and players respawn from the helos. The place where they respawn is mostly near an enemy objective to push them away quickly. The fleet can be destroyed or goes away after one minute.

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