"Men like him will always protect us. We need more like Hilsher."
Nick Tragan
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Lieutenant Kenneth "Ken" Hilsher is a Shade operative and the leader of Kilo.


Hilsher moved to Chicago and became an officer in CPD for five years, rising to the rank of Sergeant. During his time in law enforcement, he found himself involved in multiple cases with standoffs and domestic violence. He joined Hostage Rescue team and spent seven years with them prior to joining Shade.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Hilsher displays an unwavering sense of sharpness, analyzing from multiple angles. His best talent however is his ability to talk and defuse tense situations, having honed the ability since his tenure at CPD.

In the time that his words do not have his desired effect, Hilsher becomes a skilled and excellent combatant with a specialization in urban style warfare. However, he does feel uncertain when he or his team are fighting on foreign soil, shown when Kilo heads to Tahiti.



  • More of Hilsher's background can be found in the intel file in Train Wreck.
  • Hilsher is modeled and voiced by Josh Dallas.

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