This is the transcript of the mission Nostalgiac Rush.


Player Character: Hey man, what are you doing?

Henry Evans: Go away, stop interrupting my sketching time.

Player Character: Damn, you are a great artist.

Henry: Yeah, thanks. You can go now.

Player Character: Those are some interesting clothes.

Henry: What!? Are you insulting my style!?

Player Character: No, I was just sayi-

Henry: God, all my life I've been pissed on by the scum of the earth.

(Henry sticks a tire iron into the flames next to him)

Henry: I'm tired of being treated like a second rate person. You wanna insult me?

Player Character: No! I-

Henry: Well now I ain't letting any bullies take advantage of me!

(Henry pulls out the now scolding hot tire iron)

Player Character: Man, just come back to safety.

Henry: Safety!? Are you taking the moral high ground or something? I'm not some sort of weak, pathetic moron.

(Henry equips a small pistol-like flamethrower)

Henry: I'm one dangerous piece of work.

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