Joey Witheral
Joey Witheral is a Maniac character that appears in Hello End. He is the incestuous brother of Chloe Witheral and member of the band Withered, along with Chloe. He is fought, alongside Chloe, in the mission Waning Sanity.


Often drunk and high, Joey Witheral is the guitarist of the band Withered. He ususally smokes and drinks while on stage, and has been known to injure people with discarded beer bottles. While touring with Withered, his band, he began an intimate, yet incestuous, relationship with his sister Chloe. After the drummer of Withered, Zack Cobra, discovered them during a 'private' moment he left the band alongside the bassist Tommy, which angered Joey and Chloe. They attempted to play as a duo, but could never get a gig.

Waning SanityEdit

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The player character finds Joey and Chloe during the mission Waning Sanity. They are found, drunk, making out behind their van. Chloe shouts at the player character for "ruining their private time" and throws a beer bottle at them. The player character tries to make a compromise with them and promises all the privacy they want if they come with with. Chloe smashes a beer bottle and threatens the player character with it, and after he persists she slashes at them. Joey grabs a beer and his guitar and walks menacingly towards the player character, starting the fight.



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