Henry Evans
Henry Evans is a Maniac character that appears in Hello End. He was the often bullied outsider who became interested in history and engineering. He formed these interests and became a steampunk. He is fought in the mission Nostalgiac Rush, after he thinks the player character is insulting him.


Although extremely intelligent, his attempted change has lead him to act sociopathical and one one occasion he scarred a former bully with a boiled kettle. He usually sits around train junctions, looking at the design of them and sketching precise pictures of the mechanical parts. It is possible that he wanted to be a train driver while growing up, but this is never revealed. He travelled to Dai City after he discovered that one of it's museums contains some of the oldest examples of railwork, and sleeps in the museum's gardens.

Nostalgiac RushEdit

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The player character finds Henry during the mission Nostalgiac Rush. He is found sitting near a railwork exhibit next to a decorative, although real, flaming barrel, drawing intricate sketches of the track. The player character asks him what he is up to and Henry tells him to "stop interrupting his sketching time". The player character expresses interest in the clothes he is wearing and Henry takes it offensively, thinking that the player character is insulting what he likes. He puts a tire iron into the flames of the barrel and talks about how he has been "pissed on" by the other people of the world and how he just wants to live how he wants to. He pulls out the tire iron, which is now a scolding red, and points it at the player character, claming he "isn't letting anymore bullies take advantage of him". He walks towards George and draws a small, handgun-like flamethrower laughing about how he is "one dangerous piece of work".



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