Etienne Le Guen
Etienne Le Guen is a Maniac character that appears in Hello End. He is a French mime who travelled to Dai City after apparently hearing that there was a high demand for silent films and entertainment there. He is fought in the mission Silence is a Virtue.


A frenchman with little English ability, Etienne Le Guen is never seen talking after thinking that being a mime was a responsibilty rather than an act. After failing as a popular act in France, he travelled to Dai City to work at the Fracas Theatre after apparently discovering that there was a new popularity for silent entertainment. After discovering that silent entertainment was not actually on the rise, he trapped himself in the theatres make-up studio with two swords used as props in his act. He changed his facepaint to resemble a sad, yet evil mime and the segregation from society turned him insane. He became emotionless and painless, often wounding himself for entertainment. He wounded his right shoulder which he is often scene clutching, not because it hurts him, because he doesn't want to ruin his outfit.

Silence is a VirtueEdit

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While searching the Fracas Theatre, the player character hears a faint metal clashing sound coming from a locked room. After shooting the locks, they gets into the make-up sudio and discovers a man in the corner with blood dropping to the floor. The player character speaks to him, but the only reaction they get is Etienne attempting to shoo him. The player character approaches him and Etienne quickly turns around. The left side of his face is covered in gashes and is still dripping blood, staining his clothes and facepaint. Etienne points to the door, but the player character attempts to get him to safety. Etienne bangs his fist on a table and grabs his swords. He mimics a throat slitting action on himself and approaches the player character, smiling for the first time in weeks.



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