Damage 25-20
Suppression Minimal
Damage multipliers Head: x1.3
Chest: x1.3
Magazine size 30 Rounds
Ammunition 5.56x45 NATO
Reload time 2.4s Tactical Reload
3.3s Empty Reload
2.1s Speed Reload
Rate of fire 755 rounds/min (Cyclic)
95 rounds/min (Semi-Automatic)
Accuracy Accurate 2" MOA
Velocity 890 m/s (Standard Barrel)
917 m/s (Extended Barrel)
Range 300 Meters
Maximum range 400 Meters
Recoil Moderate
Firemodes Automatic
Faction United States Marine Corp
The HK416 (HK416A5 D16.5) is a selective fire German Assault Rifle based on the AR-15 platform and is featured in War.



Attacments and ModificationsEdit

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