User Reviewing is an initiative created to allow for in-depth feedback, from other users, on your ideas. They will also act as a metric to sort the best ideas on the wiki, based on aggregate score. Reviewing is opt-in for both reviewers and reviewees, so if you do not wish to receive critical feedback on your ideas you do not have to.

Current ReviewersEdit

  • Britgamer
  • GameDot
  • Game Informant
  • Griefstiq
  • Hexagon
  • UGN

Reviews WantedEdit

For the most up to date list, see here.

Rules and RegulationsEdit

For ReviewersEdit

  1. Becoming a reviewer - To become a GCU-permitted reviewer, contact either Weejoh- - or 900bv. You must have at least 100 edits on the wiki or you will not be allowed.
  2. Be fair - Some users may not have a lot of experience writing or using Wikia, which is fine. There shouldn't be marks taken away for poor page format or imperfect writing style.
  3. Don't be a jerk - Reviewers are allowed to be critical, but not demeaning. The whole point in a review is that is summarizes the good and the bad, but this doesn't mean you can be malicious.
  4. Review format - All reviewers will be given a website to write their review under. This allows for better aggregation and compilation when a good amount of reviews are written for an idea.
  5. Quality first - While writing a lot of content may seem good, if it's all badly written then it should not get any recognition. A bit of good content should be more important that a lot of bad content.
  6. Explain your score - For your review, all reviews must be scored out of ten, and you need to fully explain your given score. Reviews don't have be particularly lengthy, although they must have a substantial amount of effort, but it is of paramount importance that you explain the score you have given an idea.

Submitting a ReviewEdit

To submit a review, a reviewer must follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that the game you are reviewing has been marked by the creator for review.
  2. Write a review of substantial length and make sure that your score is explained.
  3. Send your review, by email, to, making sure you note who you are.
  4. Your review will be proof-read and looked over for any malicious or unfair content.
  5. If your review is acceptable, it will be posted as a subpage under the reviewed game.

For RevieweesEdit

  1. Sufficient Content - Before you ask for a review, make sure your page is well developed with a good amount of content. While this depends on the type of game you are making, we'd want to see, at a minimum, details on gameplay and a completed plot.
  2. Ask for a review - If you do not ask for a review, you will not receive a review. The best way to do this is add the Review Wanted category, which will then bring it to our attention.
  3. Accept criticism - If you want a review, you should prepare for negative criticism. Reviewers will never be malicious by intent, and any feedback you receive should be used to improve your idea.

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