The Galil ACE is an Israeli assault rifle featured in Warzone: Shade and Warzone: Evolved.

Warzone: ShadeEdit

Galil ACE


Magazine Size

Standard: 35 rounds

Extended Clip: 50 rounds

Unlocked at

level 6

Starting Ammunition

35+140 (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

35+210 (SP&MP)

Reload Time

2.9 loaded, 3.4 unloaded

Rate of Fire

790 RPM



Fire Mode


"Fully automatic. Strong and versatile overall."
―In-game description
The Galil ACE appears in the game as the ACE 23 variant.


In the campaign, it is used by enemy forces as their main assault rifle. Many of the campaign missions will have the Galil ACE as a weapon able to be picked up.


The Galil ACE will be useable in multiplayer, being unlocked at level 6. It is a relatively popular weapon for new and experienced players. Due to it having the highest magazine capacity in the Assault Rifles, it gains the largest benefit from Extended Mags with a total of 50 rounds. This ammunition bonus will have players worry little about finding a substitute weapon when the Galil runs dry.

Damage is on the lower end, requiring three shots to kill at a close to medium range. Up at a distance, the bullets lose their effectiveness and the recoil increases significantly to where using it at long range is not advised. Reloads can be lengthy, especially on an unloaded weapon.

The iron sights fit nicely, allowing good sighting at moderate ranges.

Weapon AttachmentsEdit