The GSh-18 is a Russian-manufactured pistol that appears in Warzone: Shade and Meltdown.

Warzone: ShadeEdit



Magazine Size

Standard: 18 Rounds

Extended Mags: 27 rounds

Unlocked at

level 35

Starting Ammunition

18+36 (MP)

Maximum Ammunition

18+108 (MP)

Reload Time


Rate of Fire

497 RPM



Fire Mode


"Semi-Automatic. Excelling at close range. Integrated AP rounds."
―In-game description
The GSh-18 is a semi-automatic pistol. It appears as the variant available with a Picatinny rail for a sight, despite none being available.


The GSh-18 is the fourth pistol to be unlocked at level 35. Only beaten by the Desert Eagle, it has one of the highest damage of the pistols, dealing 2-shot kills up close. However it drops off to 5 at a distance, which occurs pretty quick. After 3 meters, it loses his 2-hit kill ability and drops rapidly to 5 shots at 12 meters. Recoil is moderate, so some shots may bound of target.

One trait the GSh-18 has is integrated AP rounds. It neglects body armor and has a higher headshot multiplier, namely 1.4x times instead of the regular 1.1x. This can also be utilized extremely well with a suppressor and is arguably the best pistol to equip one. The GSh-18 also has quick draw time, making it the excellent backup weapon. People who use it as their primary though might have a more difficult time up against automatic weapons.

Weapon AttachmentsEdit

  • AP Rounds (Integrated)
  • Suppressor
  • Tactical Knife
  • Laser Sight
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Dual Wield


Console codename



9x19mm Parabellum, 7N21 +P+

Magazine Size

18 rounds

Reload Time

2.0 seconds

Rate of Fire






Fire Mode


The GSh-18 is a handgun in Meltdown. It appears as the primary sidearm of members of The Hope, as well as the primary sidearm of Mayra Panos. If the player chooses to play as Mayra Panos, it will be the first weapon used by the player.

The pistol is designed to put many rounds down range. It has the shortest firecap, the largest magazine, and the fastest reload of all the handguns. However, it also has the lowest damage and velocity of any pistol in the game. It is also the only pistol capable of accepting the specialized 7N21 Armor-Piercing round. When 7N21 ammunition is used, the round can penetrate light cover and deals extra damage to targets out of cover.

The pistol can, like other semi-autos, accept a suppressor. The GSh-18 cannot be modified to accept any other attachments.

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