The Future Warrior Program is the name for the upgraded Class Creation feature appearing in Warzone: Iron Wolf II. The system features a new form of distributable points referred to as "Rigs".

Loadout CreatorEdit

There are a few free class items, which are the primary, secondary and elite weapon, but all other items require Rigs to be applied to the class. After choosing the weapons for the loadout, you can start customizing the rest of your load out. You have access to a total of 15 rigs.

The weapons can accept attachments, all costing 1 rig to be applied. Weapons can also be forged, which's system can be found here. After weapon customization, up to 3 perks can be applied to the class, each one costing 2 rigs, followed by selecting a tactical and lethal grenade, each costing 1 rig. Finally, players can apply rigs to upgrade their gear, which's system can be found here.

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