Friction is a medium-sized multiplayer map in Warzone: Evolved. It was featured in the Public Beta.


Friction takes place in ravaged city street with houses in and around the map. The map features a dark and grim tone with it's anarchistic looking aftermath of an event. It has a kick-off design. The streets are starting to get overgrown and there's a lot of rubble around the map. In the middle of the map, there's a street that divides both teams' spawning point. A lot of high positions cover the area, while players can move from cover to cover via cars and debris.

Map ExclusivesEdit

  • In an enterable garage, the player can find two rideable motorcycles. The garage is near the edge of the map at spawning Point C from team 2. The players can open or breach the door. The motorcycles can be effectively used in gamemodes like Capture the Flag.

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