The Frag Grenade is a small handheld anti-personnel weapon featured in Homeland.


Frag Grenade


Unlocked at

level 1 - Officer

Maximum Ammunition

2 Grenades with Grenadier



Used by

All Forces

"Anti-personnel grenade, produces lethal radial damage upon detonation"
―In-Game Description


The Frag Grenade is unlocked at level 1. It has a fuse time of 6 seconds and litters an area with shrapnel upon detonation, inflicting severe damage on infantry and lightly armored targets.

The Frag Grenade serves as a solid attacking option in many situations. The Frag's detonation radius works well at breaking up enemy groups. Before breaching a room, throw a Frag to clear the immediate area. Cook the grenade for a second or two, and then toss it. This gives your enemy little chance to throw it back or run to a safe location.


  • Grenades can kill players through certain thin walls due to blast pressure.

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