Helmets and Head Gear are cosmetic items featured in Fog of War: Insurrection.

A list of Customisable ItemsEdit

Helmets and Head Gear
Item How to Obtain Appearance Colours

Advanced Combat Helmet

Play one match as a Ranger Operative. Modernized Advanced Combat Helmet. Customisable. Desert Tan


Play one match as an IDF Operative. Modernized OR-21 Helmet. Customisable. IDF Universal
GK80 Play one match as an PAC Operative. Modernized GK80 Helmet. 

Customisable. Type 09

Pale Death Acquire 1000 headshots in total while playing as a Quietus Operative.

EVA Helmet with a skull carved into it.

Non-Customsable. Blackout, Bullet Brass Visor.
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Survive 1000 explosive with the EOD Exo Chassis. Modernized Explosive Ordnance Helmet.

Customisable. Desert Tan.

Face Plate Assassinate 1000 players as an UAC Operative. Tawinese Special Forces Mask.

Customisable. Blackout.

Wetwork Harvest Aquire 1000 kills with the Combat Knife, while playing as a Reaper Operative Danish Frogman Headgear.

Non-Customisable. Blackout


Item How to Obtain Appearance


HUD Visor Play one match as a Ranger Operative. Similar Apperance to Google Glass 

Non-Customisable, White Display with a black frame.

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