Fable: Fate of the Heroes
Developer(s) Lionhead Studios

EternalBlaze Industries

Publisher(s) Microsoft Studios
Designer(s) Jerry Wifflewaffle
Engine TBA
Released TBA
Genre(s) MMORPG
Mode(s) Co-op Campaign


Ratings ESRB: T

PEGI: 12+

Platform(s) PC

Xbox One

Media Optical Disc (consoles only)

Digital Download (all platforms)

Input methods Controller


"Good and Evil will clash once again as the lives of all Heroes are put on the line in one of the largest revolts in Fable history."
―Game tagline

Fable: Fate of the Heroes, or simply known as Fate of the Heroes or FOTH, is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game based in the Fable universe created by Lionhead Studios.


Years before the events of Fable: The Lost Chapters, Fate of the Heroes takes place during Weaver's Rebellion, a revolt led by Weaver alongside various Heroes against the Heroes' Guild and its current regime.

The Rebellion itself was a catastrophic event that pretty much diminished the already rare presence of Will and Will users. The Heroes' Guild was the setting for most of the Rebellion, as it had to do with the Guild's current students revolting against its regime. During the time when Weaver and other known Heroes in history, such as Maze, were young students of the Guild, the Guild catered only to Heroes who aligned as good heroes. The Quest Giver would only give Heroes "good" quests and the Guild itself would not allow Heroes to align with evil.

Maze and Weaver teamed up along with other various Heroes in the Guild to combat the old regime. Many lives were lost over time, but they finally won. Weaver would step up and become the Guild's new Guildmaster. The Heroes' Guild from then on would allow Heroes to align their morals with either good or evil.

Fate of the Heroes and its story take place throughout Weaver's Rebellion. The storyline that most players follow begins at the start of the revolt and the end of the storyline ends when the revolt finishes. While the event itself was not entirely large-scale or that important in comparison to the later Heroes of Oakvale, Bowerstone, and Brightwall, Fate of the Heroes adds to the story, making it longer and more dramatic than it really was. This is obviously necessary in making a longer, more interesting MMO.


The players get to create their own characters, which will all be Heroes that took part in Weaver's Rebellion. Using the advanced character creation system, players will be able to create unique looking characters, with intricate facial and body alignment similar to character creation in The Elder Scrolls and Saints Row. Character appearance is not the only thing the player will be able to customize when creating their character. They will also get to choose which side their Hero will be on during the Rebellion, which pretty much sets up which storyline they will be playing as their character.

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