The F90 is a burst fire bullpup Assault Rifle featured in Fog of War: Insurrection.
"Designed for the mobile marksman, the burst fire F90 trades raw firepower in place of pin-point accuracy. With an Effective Range of 60 meters and slower than average weapon Handling, this compact assault rifle can stand its ground against Sniper Rifles in long range engagements. "
―Weapon Description


The F90 is the export version of the Thales EF88 used by Reaper Operatives as an alternative weapon to the CK901.


The F90 is the second assault rifle unlocked by default at level 1.

Exo Variants

The F90 has only one variant.

Rover Exo Chassis - F90 Marksman.

The F90 Marksman is the default primary weapon in the Rover Exo Chassis. Equiped with an Extended Barrel and Semi-Automatic Select Fire capabilities.

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