Ezeru Poster

Directed by

Spike Jonze

Produced by

Damian Jones
George Alder

Screenplay by

George Alder

Story by

George Alder


Daniel Kaluuya
Tamla Kari
Harry Treadaway

Music by

DJ Shadow


Danny Cohen

Edited by

Pamela Martin


NINE100 Film Studios

Distributed by

NINE100 Studios




Ezeru is a drama film directed by Spike Jonze and produced by Damian Jones and George Alder, who also wrote the film. It stars Daniel Kaluuya, Tamla Kari and Harry Treadaway as the team behind a fictional indie game called Ezeru. The film draws inspiration from the development stories of games such as FTL: Faster Than Light, and shows the struggles of a development team running out of money and time. There is also a strong focus on the degrading mental health of Kaluuya's character, and the effects of this on the other two members of the development team.


Eddie Lewis, known as risk online, is one of the two co-founders of Fusebox Games, an independent development team behind the game Ezeru. He is shown as the most struggling member of the team, and his mental state is constantly degraded by problems in development. He is also the only member of the team to have experience at a larger studio, which is hinted to be n-Space. Daniel Kaluuya was cast mainly due to his work in Black Mirror, specifically his breakdown speech, which led the casting director to believe that he could portray Eddie's deteriorating health effectively and convincingly.
Hannah Miller, known as mill online, is the second co-founder of Fusebox Games, and is behind all of the art in Ezeru. She is generally considered the heart of the team, and spends a lot of time responding to fans. The casting director chose Tamla, a fairly unprolific actress, due to her experience in comedies as well as drama, feeling that she could act as a light-hearted contrast to Eddie. It was also thought that she could demonstrate Hannah as strong when faced with the struggles of the game development, unlike Eddie and to a lesser extent Simon.
Simon Ashton, known as ash online, is a programmer and the only employee of Fusebox Games to have not been part of it's founding. He is a fairly introverted but highly intelligent man, and handles the bulk of the development. Harry Treadaway was cast based on his work in Penny Dreadful as Dr. Victor Frankenstein, another very intelligent character. Simon's backstory is also not as developed as the other two characters, giving him an element of mystery which Harry would be able to present effectively.

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