The Exo Chassis is a feature in Fog of War: Insurrection.

List of Exo ChassisEdit

  • Assault Exo Chassis - Focuses on Assault. Variants are the XCR SOPMOD II and the MSR 9 Stalker. Modules enhance weapon handling.
  • Defense Exo Chassis - Focuses on Defense. Variants are the Ultimax MK5 Siege and BMCR Multirole. Modules enhance survivability. 
  • Stealth Exo Chassis - Focuses on Stealth. Variant is the MPX Black Ops. Modules enhance stealth.
  • Close Quarters Exo Chassis - Focuses on CQB. Variant is the BPU-870 Breacher. Modules enhance reaction time and duel performance.
  • Rover Exo Chassis - Focuses on Rotation. Variant is the F90 Marksman. Modules enhance speed and precision.
  • Recon Exo Chassis - Focuses on Scouting. Variant is the DAN .338 Ballistic. Modules enhance awareness and precision.
  • Anti-Air Exo Chassis - Focuses on Anti-Air. Variant is the CK901 Flyswatter. Modules enhance anti vehicular abilities.
  • Brute Force Exo Chassis - Focuses on Demolition. Variant is the 460XVR Payload. Modules enhance firepower.

List of ModulesEdit

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