The Cost
Previous level Homeland
Next level System Break
Game Everwar: Black Widow
Character Dean Brooks
Weapons RS27
Place Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America
Date April 7th, 2025
Objective Escape death
Maya: "Say it! Say it to the world now and no more blood will be spilled!"
Riker: "There is nothing to say. You believe in lies."
Maya: "Heh, when will you tire of killing your own men, Mr. Riker?"
— Maya, threatening Riker with his teammates lives.
The Cost is the seventh campaign mission of Everwar: Black Widow. After the Santa Clara base was completely taken over, the survivors of the siege moved quickly to Las Vegas, the dedicated assembly point for any post-attack meetings. While there, a blackout is caused, and feed is taken over by WiDOW. After telling them that every light will die, several thermite charges are detonated at the base of the building causing a collapse. In the debris, the survivors are pinned by Truth Locker members led by Maya.



Main article: Everwar: Black Widow/The Cost/Transcript


  • City of Sinners (15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy bronze) - Complete The Cost on any difficulty

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