System Break
Previous level The Cost
Next level Invicta
Game Everwar: Black Widow
Character Dean Brooks
Weapons UAR
Place The Dalles, Oregon, United States of America
Date April 10th, 2025
Objective Restore power
"Nothing is damaged, the problem isn't with the dam."
―Webber, realizing there was nothing wrong with the supply of power.
System Break is the eighth campaign mission of Everwar: Black Widow. Following their release from immediate death, the team spent a short time recuperating while several blackouts were caused throughout the United States. After recovering, the team was sent to the hydroelectric dam in The Dalles, assumed to be a relatively safe mission to make sure the team were able to perform it.



Main article: Everwar: Black Widow/System Break/Transcript


  • We Were Expecting You (15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy bronze) - Complete System Break on any difficulty

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