Previous level System Break
Next level Flashpoint
Game Everwar: Black Widow
Character Dean Brooks
Weapons Starburst CR
Warrior 45
Place Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Date April 20th, 2025
Objective Take the advantage
"Nobody is running free. Every member is dead."
―Riker, hitting his breaking point.
Invicta is the ninth campaign mission of Everwar: Black Widow. With the constant increase in The Truth Locker's power, ICOCOM is planning a full-scale counterattack to be deployed as soon as any large attack is committed. The plan was immediately put into effect following the demolition of several buildings in Chicago, with near all of the US-stationed ICOCOM operatives taking part. Brooks' team is given orders to locate Maya, who is confirmed to be commanding the Truth Locker members.



Main article: Everwar: Black Widow/Invicta/Transcript


  • Unconquered (15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy bronze) - Complete Invicta on any difficulty

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