Previous level Bloody Sunday
Next level Homeland
Game Everwar: Black Widow
Character Dean Brooks
Weapons MSMC
Warrior 45
Place North Atlantic Ocean
Point Sur, California, United States of America
Date April 3rd, 2025
Objective Make contact
"This is Dean Brooks, confirmation code Echo Oscar. We have been brought down."
―Brooks, requesting immediate pick-up.
Gravity is the fifth campaign mission of Everwar: Black Widow. After investigating the London bomb attack, the team are set to fly back to ICOCOM's Santa Clara base when they are brought down by the destruction of the left wing, caused by a thermite charge. They crash at Point Sur, California, and are found by waiting Truth Locker members. After making a request for pick-up, the team is pinned down, and have to run and hide until they can escape.



Main article: Everwar: Black Widow/Gravity/Transcript


  • Back to Earth (15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy bronze) - Complete Gravity on any difficulty

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