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Next level April Falls
Game Everwar: Black Widow
Character Dean Brooks
Weapons UAR
Warrior 45
Place Seattle, Washington, USA
Date March 20th, 2025
Objective Investigate USTV Network attack
WiDOW: "In the future, there will be a time where you think your shield will never falter. That is when it will turn to dust."
Riker: "Webber, trace the communication."
WiDOW: "It is time the world learned. We're here."
— WiDOW, proclaiming that 'they' are here.
Blackout is the first campaign mission of Everwar: Black Widow. It follows ICOCOM operative Dean Brooks and a team investigating an alleged EMP attack on the offices of the USTV Network. The player is introduced to WiDOW, a black hat hacker and leader of the terrorist cell The Truth Locker.


Dean Brooks, Riker and Webber are in an SUV heading towards the USTV offices to investigate an alleged EMP strike. After being debriefed by Riker, the team are shot at by assailants occupying the ground floor. Upon finding hostages, the team's mission is expanded to civilian rescue, as well as finding the source of the EMP. The team travel up numerous floors, searching for hostages and taking out terrorists. Eventually, the lights start flickering and are then shut off, prompting a distorted voice to repeat "I am alive" for a short moment, with the lights being restored soon after. This causes the team to start moving faster to locate as many civilians as possible and empty the building.

Eventually, the team reaches the primary broadcasting studio and discover a circle of bound hostages surrounding a small pile of corpses. After untying the living people, the lights are again shut off, and the USTV Network suffers a broadcast signal intrusion by somebody named WiDOW, who claims that 'they' are here. Webber is immediately ordered to trace the communication, and after finishing his message, WiDOW ends the intrusion. The attack and messages are marked as a high-threat situation, and the information gained from the communication trace is immediately investigated.



Main article: Everwar: Black Widow/Blackout/Transcript


  • The Widow Peeks (15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy bronze) - Complete Blackout on any difficulty

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