Eternal Winter is a wiki-wide former roleplaying set of stories. All stories are about civilians trying to survive in a frozen United States after an hypernova burst that caused an ice age in the world. This page is teh archive for all stories. The series has unlimited possibilities to write about and doesn't have an ending. 


In the year 2020, life on Earth nearly ended. The star, WR 104, became a hypernova, sending waves of gamma-rays across nearby systems. Without warning, one of these bursts hits and penetrates the Earth’s atmosphere. A mass extinction event occurs and most die from radiation poisoning, starvation, malnutrition, and other causes. As waves continue to hit the Earth, photo chemical smog pockets in the atmosphere, stopping all sunlight from reaching the surface. This causes the Earth to enter a second ice age.

The United States was the worst hit, taking the brunt of the initial wave. As millions died across the country, the government attempted to do what they could to save as many of them as possible. Despite their efforts, the United States was sent into chaos and much of the original government collapsed. Those that survived the bursts now have to learn to live in a new world where survival means everything.



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