EternalBlaze Industries
Type Developer


Founded Early 2014
Defunct February 2015
Headquarters Cambridge, Massachusetts
Key people Brandon Lee (founder, guy-that-pretty-much-does-everything-else)
Industry Gaming
Products Video games
EternalBlaze Industries, also called EB Industries, is a fictional former video game publisher and developer, also the creator of the Imagination.

Although EB Industries started off only publishing and developing games related to the Call of Duty franchise, it has begun to step away from that direction and has decided to venture into other gaming genres, or at least make games not directly related to Call of Duty.

As of February 2015, the company announced its decline and eventual closing. Brandon Lee, the founder of the developer, cited various differences that the teams had in terms of what direction to go in, and several members started to loathe Lee, for assuming a role similar to that of a dictator, as well as the company itself. Because of the differences and tension between members, the company decided to split ways before it got out of hand. Lee and other key members of the company would go on to create another game developer.


Video GamesEdit

Note: The Call of Duty related games can be found at the Call of Duty Fan Fiction Wiki. This is for the non-CoD games and projects.


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