This is a transcript of Empire of Earth E3 2016 Teaser Trailer


(The screen is black but in the backgrond can be hear a sound of two men beating each other with a club then it faded into sound of a small skirmishes with swords with people yelling battlecries and in pain then it faded with a cannon firing sound can be heard until it faded again with a sound of airplane's machine gun followed by artillery sounds then it fades and a nuclear blast sound can be hear until it faded and into sound of automatic gun firing with a soldier yelling "Go! Go! Go!" followed by laser shooting and railgun blazing and charging with a mech walking in the background. then all the sound from previous are blending into one as a big E letter appears and zooms out on the screen. Those sounds then silent as a word "Empire" revealed on it.)

Unknown Old Man Voice: So, do you want to shape your own history? Can you really do it? Can you build an everlasting Empire that can stand the test of time?

(The word Empire then turned into "Empire of Earth" logo then followed with the subtitle below it that says "Build an Empire that can Stand the Test of Time". it faded out and a word appears that says "Soon".)

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