Civilizations are the playable factions that players can choose in Empire of Earth. All playable civilizations are based upon actual ones (past or present). Each civilizations has it's own set of unique traits and abilities that help the nation in a certain way.

Any nation can be played during any epochs, regardless of that civilization's fate throughout actual history. So, that means that player can create his own nations history. Some unique units are based on units that those factions had, if certain nations were not destroyed in real-life history: for example, the Native American nations have unique units in the Modern, Atomic and Informations ages which resemble real-world Iberian-South American guerrillas.

There are 23 playable civilizations in Empire of Earth. There are no further information yet about inclusion of New Civlization in through future updates or DLCs.

Civilizations of Empire of EarthEdit

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