Disclaimer: This was originally part of a shared presentation. First sentences may not be in line with these presentations.


Introduction by Robert McNeill

In the Los Angeles Convention centre, the presentations are held. Presentator of the night enters the stage.

Robert McNeill: Goodday

He waves to the applauding crowd.

Robert McNeill: Good to see so much people coming to watch the latest innovations of gaming. And even this year, we can deliver so much interresting games to the people home. 

On screen appears the logo of E3.

Robert McNeill: Off course, such event like this need other people to talk about their ideas, their games. Also this year, lots of designers and writers of multiple franchises and studios are here today, to present their new technologies in the world of entertainment. Beautiful isn't it. I mean... not only that particular thing, but all the leaps forward. And that's why I'm going to announce the next game. Come on stage, man!

Robert McNeill assigns a new man onto the stage, while he leaves the stage.


Afterlife presentation by Alec Verdoorn

Robert McNeill: Let's move up with the new zombies game. Here is Alec Verdoorn with his new creation.

Crowd applauds as Alec Verdoorn walks onto the stage.

Alec Verdoorn: Hello everyone. I'm Alec Verdoorn and lead developer of many games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Doomsday. Today, I'm going to present one of my latest productions, including the one I'm going to reveal now. The new project of me and the boys at DECA, is called Afterlife.

The guy on the cover appears on the screen.

Alec Verdoorn: Afterlife takes place in the near future and 10 years after that. With near future, I mean that today is preferred above tomorrow. A young survivor named Aiden Harris and his brother are together for years, living a life as normal as possible in a world full of infected and rogues. When they are torn apart by faith, Aiden starts his journey to find him. But his goal changes, just like his instincts.

The screen turns black.

Alec Verdoorn: You're going to witness how a man's instinct can chance... Let's watch it.

The lights dim and the screen starts to play.

Aiden Harris (Voice over): What am I doing?

A man on is standing on the edge of a collapsed house looking to a ravaged city. He wields no weapon and his clothes are for the most part clean.

Aiden Harris (Voice over): What have I become?

The man's appearance changes in a split second to one with a machete and a pistol and his clothes are covered in blood. He looks at the same street in the same position. The man's appearance changes back to the normal and vice versa. This happens a few times. Screen turns black.

Aiden Harris (Voice over): It's been ten years after the spread of a virus that changed history.

The view changes to sunrise in a city. It views a few streets and parks, left and abandoned.

Aiden Harris (Voice over): People start changing in animals.

On screen appear people fighting each other. The man from the beginning jumps between both fires and kill some people. The view changes back.

Aiden Harris (Voice over): This isn't life anymore, their are no rules, no morals...

Now appears the same without the weapon running while the pursuers shoot at him.

Aiden Harris (Voice over): This is the afterlife.

The view changes to a man attacking a woman with a whittle. It changes to a camp under siege. It goes on to a man carrying another man away. Then the screen goes black, slowly revealing a zombie.

Unknown: (Whispering) This is hell!

On screen appears herds of zombies attacking on man. He kills loads of them with the machete and the pistol ver quick and smoothly, using combination moves. Slowly the zombies gain the upper hand and the man keeps firing. From a view from above you seee him slowly getting surrounded.

Aiden Harris (Voice over): There is nobody left.

On screen appears Aiden Harris talking to someone in a normal voice.

Aiden Harris: It's just us and those fucking zombies...

On the screen appears the cover of Afterlife and the release date.

Narrator: Pre-order now and get the Dark Winter-DLC free.

Watch CodeEdit

Watch Code presentation by Alec Verdoorn

Robert McNeill: Next up is maybe the most surprising and unexpected entry to this years E3. Developed by DECA and Infinity Ward, let's welcome Alec Verdoorn of Watch Code.

Alec Verdoorn enters the stage. The screen is black and some phrases, using the same font as te font on the cover, appear and disappear on screen. The phrases are: I'm watching you, Safe what remains, One of us, this is the price you pay, I'll do whatever is necessary, The key of everything.

Robert McNeill: Stage is all yours.

Alec Verdoorn and Robert McNeill shake hands and say something unhearable to each other. Alec taps the shoulder of Robert and Robert leaves the stage. The crowd applauds

Alec Verdoorn: Thank you all.

He waves to the crowd.

Alec Verdoorn: What I got for you today, is a new project to show to you. Normally, games, and especially the story, is all about imagination and interpetation. Not anymore. Next-generation gives us new oppertunities in singleplayer. Multiplayer kept evolving, every year, there were new possibilities, making almost any game an MMO.

On screen appears a table of the number of players who play online. In the background, the phrases continue.

Alec Verdoorn: The number of online players to this date, is immense. But it was always a face-off between them in multiplayer matches and infamous series like the Ghost Recon-series tried to make a campaign where teamwork was the only way to win, but it wasn't the breakthrough on cooperation mode. But I and all other members of Infonity Ward and DECA have found the intense cooperation-singleplayer experience. Nothing is about imagination, it's all about becoming the character. Ladies and gentleman, I'm presenting you: Watch Code.

The cover art of Watch Code appears on screen. Beneath it appears the tagline: I'm watching you. The appearance of the cover art is dynamic, as the character on the cover pulls out the gun and aims, freezing the screen. The crowd applauds very loud, making Alec Verdoorn smile.

Alec Verdoorn: Yeah... Pretty pocture isn't it? Watch Code takes place in a world after a computer breakdown. The government lost control in the country and there's chaos in some parts. But, life has to go on. So everybody tries to come around, they'll do everything to stay alive and out of danger. But off course, no one can live in such country. So couldn't Chris Shepherd.

Picture of Chris Shepherd appears.

Alec Verdoorn: In Watch Code, the player will become Chris Shepherd. And this guy, is a special guy. Lights out!

The lights dim and go out and Alec Verdoorn walka to the right side. The screen turns black. Suddenly a screen of a mobile appears with the text: Dead or Alive.

The screen zooms out. Chris Shepherd is walking through a street full of walking civilians, going the other way. Chris bumps into another man, tapping him. The screen turns around and the back of the man is shown, with a tracker placed by Chris. The words: Postive ID: Joseph Deluca, appear in digital around the face of him looking back.

Chris Shepherd: (Voice over) I turned the tables. You can't escape now.

He walks further against the stream of people with his hands in his pockets and looking down.

Chris Shepherd: (Voice over) You're not anonymous, I know what you are.

A man on a roof who looks down to Chris is shown. He grabs his phone. The view changes to Chris who pushes a button on his phone. The man on the roof talks to the phone, but pulls it back like he sees that it doesn't work.

Chris Shepherd: (Voice over) You let other people do the dirty work for you.

Chris looks up right into the camera. He walks into a street which is covered by rubbish and some flares are lighting.

Chris Shepherd: (Voice over) You took advantage of the day America felt.

He walks into an alley. He walks straight to the entrance which is defended by a guard. He tries to stop him and reaches for his headphone. Chris pushes another button on his phone. The guard talks to his headphone, but it doesn't work.

Chris Shepherd: (Voice over) But I'm going to make you regret that decision.

He walks straight to the guard, who pulls out a gun. Chris pushes the gun aside and punches the guard on the ground. He pulls out a knife and the guard raises his hands in the air, but Chris stabs him. The screen goes black.

Chris Shepherd: T-Bone, you got a visual on Deluca?

The view changes to a view from the back of Chris, showing the right side of his face with a phone against his ear. He walks into a building. The view changes to a view shot from a drone and focusing on a walking Joseph Deluca.

T-Bone: Positive ID, he is on his way.

The view changes back to Chris Shepherd, who stands in a room with 2 dead man, executed by him. He walks to a door and enables the code, using a hacking device attached to it.

Chris Shepherd: Good...

The door opens and Chris fires his gun to the people in it. The room has a big screen on the right, containing foto's of people with beneath them "Sold" or "Sale". There's a large table in the middle of the room and 4 people behind it and 3 in front of it. Chris kills the 2 in front of him and grabs the third and uses him as a human shield. The 4 behind the table fire back. The alarm is triggered. Chris fires and kills 2 of the man and slides to next cover. He cooks a grenade and tosses him to the last man, killing him. Smoke and fire all over the room and they trigger the sprinklers. One man tries to escape, but Chris grabs him in his throat.

Chris Shepherd: Where is she?

The man is pushed against the screen. He looks angry.

Unknown man: Motherfucker!

Some noises of people coming their way towards the room are heard. Chris looks another time to the man and shoots him in his balls.

Chris Shepherd: (Voice over) You all will pay for what remains.

The trailer changes into gameplay of the game. Chris reloads his gun and slowly walks towards the door. The HUD appears.

Chris Shepherd: T-Bone, girls on the move. I say Deluca is our last known intel on her before she leaves the city.

He walks to the door and takes cover behind the wall, slowly peaking around the corner. He sees four man coming his way.

T-Bone: Should not be a problem. He's not going anywhere.

Chris Shepherd: Direct him to me. I'm out gunned to travel across this city.

T-Bone: Roger that, he'll be there in 5 minutes.

Chris Shepherd: Many thanks.

Chris walks the other way. He takes cover behind a pair of boxes. The group of man split up. Two walk Chris' way.

Enemy: Shit, where is he?

Chris pops up from his side and stabs one of the two, the other grabs his rifle, but Chris shoots him first. He twistes the knife and pulls it out of the body.

Another enemy: Oh god, are they dead?!

Chris walks to the room where he executed all guys. He peaks around the corner and looks into the room. 2 soldiers are looking to the corpses.

Other enemy: Off course they're dead, this man is a maniac.

Chris walks silently away. He climbs on the roof and walks towards the edge and kneels down, looking down.

Chris Shepherd: There he is.

The HUD highlights Joseph Deluca. Suddenly, the message: Vocal online, appears.

Chris Shepherd: Jason, I need a drone to watch Deluca. I'm at lincoln street.

Chris marks the road sign saying Lincoln street. He allignes a rope to the edge.

Jason: Roger that, overwatch inbound.

Chris rappels down. An mini-map with the view on Deluca appears. Chris follows him. He tries to walk as normal as possible, but suddenly Joseph starts to sprint.

Chris Shepherd: Shit, he saw me. He's running.

Chris grabs a Mk.17 SR from his backbag and folds it open. He loads and cocks it. Civilians start screaming.

Chris Shepherd: T-Bone, he is Oscar Mike. Any suspension inbound en route?

T-Bone: Heavy resistence in the building at the canal.

Chris Shepherd: Copy all.

Chris slides to a car. A sniper shot is heard and Joseph runs into a building. Chris pops up and fires at the windows of the building.

Chris Shepherd: Jason, where is that sniper shooting from?

Some enemy soldiers run out the building and take cover behind the cars. In the top right, you see a drone flying.

Jason: Got a heat-vision scan of the building. Converting data to your holo-map. Standby...

Chris activates the holo-map. He changes the view of it into a 3D map of the building. Dots of soldiers appear in the building.

Chris Shepherd: Got 'em.

Chris pops up again and fires at all locations of the snipers in the building.

Jason: Movement on the ground.

Chris Shepherd: On to it.

Chris slides to the next cover. He throws a grenade over the car and after it explodes, he slides over the car, shooting 2 guys. He disarms a guy close to him and stabs him. He grabs him and uses him as an human shield while shooting 3 other enemies with a pistol.

Jason: Clear. Joseph is in the building.

Chris Shepherd: Are there enemies inside?

Chris walks to the entrance and into a room.

Jason: Loads of 'em, you need to come up with an idea.

Chris grabs his phone. A menu of possibilities appears and the crosshairs aim for the light. He selects "Shut Down" and the lights go out. He puts on night-vision googles. He walks around the corner and subdues a guard.

Chris Shepherd: Sshhht, stay quiet.

He drops him on the ground and moves on. Two man are standing around the corner.

Guard: Stay close to me, I bed that motherfucker is around.

Chris walks towards the group of 2. He pulls out a knife and stabs on of the man.

Guard: What the fu-...

Chris throws the knife in the face of the other. He pulls the knife out of the corpse. He walks on the stairs to the 4<supth</sup> floor. He avoids a group of 3 man.

Convoy guard: What was that?!

Another guard: You hear ghosts, there was nothing. Keep looking.

Chris successfully reaches a door. He stands in front of it.

Chris Shepherd: Jason, what's inside this room?

Jason: Give me sec... Got it.

5 enemies light up from the room in blue. A 6th is glowing red.

Jason: Red one is Deluca. Don't kill him.

Chris grabs a flame cutter and burns the hinges of the door.

Chris Shepherd: Got it.

Chris kicks in the door. He fires his pistol and executes all 5 hostiles from the right to left.

Joseph Deluca: Fuck!

Deluca jumps out of the window into a trash can. Chris follows him and also lands in the trash can. He sees Joseph leaving the alley.

Chris Shepherd: Jason, I can't lose him. Let the drone watch him.

Jason: Wilco.

The camera view from the drone appears in the top left of the HUD. Chris runs out of the alley. They run on the main road.

Jason: I'm going to disable the traffic lights. You can catch him up now.

Chris Shepherd: Roger that.

In the distance, the traffic lights can be seen to trip. Joseph stops running and looks at the crashing cars in front of him. He looks around and sees that Chris is coming nearby him.

Joseph Deluca: Keep away, I don't know anything!

He runs into an alley way. Chris follows him into it and shoots him in the shoulder with his gun. The gameplay stops and a cutscene is shown.

Chris Shepherd: Joseph Deluca isn't it?

Chris walks towards Joseph who's laying on the ground with his hand to his shoulder. He looks up to Chris.

Joseph Deluca: What do you want?!

Chris kneels down next to him.

Chris Shepherd: Where's the girl?

Joseph Deluca: What girl? I don't know which girl you are tal-...

Chris pulls the gun in Joseph's bullet wound.

Chris Shepherd: To who did you sell her?

Joseph keeps quiet. Chris pushes the gun deeper in the wound making Joseph scream.

Joseph Deluca: Aaaah fuck!

Chris Shepherd: You remember now?

Joseph shakes his head up and down.

Joseph Deluca: I don't know who he is exactly but h-...

Chris Shepherd: (Whispers) oh god.

Chris fires a bullet in the ground, next to Joseph.

Chris Shepherd: Last warning...

Joseph Deluca: Okay okay okay, easy... easy... I can contact him, giving a message, but I don't know his name.

Chris sighs and looks to the right.

Chris Shepherd: Okay then. You are going to deliver a message for me...

He grabs a piece of paper from his vest and a pen and starts writing on it. Joseph sits up a bit.

Joseph Deluca: Yeah sure, I'll do it man...

Chris gives the piece of paper to him.

Joseph Deluca: (Whispers while reading aloud) You're next?

Chris stands up and aims his gun to him.

Joseph Deluca: wait noo-..!

Chris fires the gun. The screen goes black.

The lights go on again. The screen shows the cover and the phrases again. Alec Verdoorn walks back to the middle of the stage. The crowd applaud.

Alec Verdoorn: Thank you. Not only have we shown the trailer of the game, but also the first gameplay minutes with some of the newest innovations in teh singleplayer mode. Maybe you noticed some of them, but i'm sure you missed some of them, because they look like they belong to the game itself. Ladies and Gentleman, I present you Mike Hawk and Jason Froome.

Mike Hawk and Jason Froome enter the stage.

Alec Verdoorn: These 2 people have played Watch Code for you. Yes, these 2 people. Mike played via the PS4 controller while Jason played via the new companion app.

On screen appears the logo of the companion app alongside a tablet of Apple and Samsung.

Alec Verdoorn: The companion app is for people who can't play on their console, but want to play with their friends in a mobile area. The Wartech 3.0 engine powers both Apple and Samsung tablets, creating amazing footage on the tablet itself.

Footage of the gameplay of Jason is shown on screen.

Alec Verdoorn: Jason, what did you think of the companion app?

Jason Froome: Well, I thought that this is a revolution for tablet gaming. In the past, most of the time, games were laggy and had bad graphics compared to the consoles. Wartech 3.0 definitely made the tablet feel like a console.

Alec Verdoorn: We all experienced the companion app as something amazing. It's unique to date and unique to engines, as Wartech is the only engine to date to feature this. We made the next step in our competition with the Ultimate Experience Engine and changed our goal to gameplay, instead of the realism of games. Off course Wartech delivers great graphics, but our innovation is focused on the new gameplay.

On screen appears a picture of an headset.

Alec Verdoorn: But not only the gameplay with friends has changed, the player can also become Chris Shepherd by using the voice morphing mechanism. When you speak into the headset to friends, you sound like Chris. These are some nice and unique details which make the game interesting. Mike, did you like the voice-over you had as Chris?

Mike Hawk: Definitely. Those features make you feel like the character. That drags you into the story and gameplay. Also the role-playing of Chris was pretty interesting.

Alec Verdoorn: And did you feel that the plot was linear or free?

Mike Hawk: I think it was free, considering that I could have done something different to enter the house, maybe alarming all the guards. And when Jason shut down all the traffic lights, you saw the AI analyzing it before making a decision. That way, if Jason didn't do that, he was able to walk further and it may ended somewhere else.

Alec Verdoorn: Thank you Jason and Mike for this commentary on our new project. Jason Froome and Mike Hawk!

The crowd applauds and Jason and Mike leave the stage.

Alec Verdoorn: I hope you have enjoyed our reveal of Watch Code, which will be on market next year.

The people applauds and the lights dim. The screen goes black and only the full theme beneath this plays. Alec Verdoorn stays where he is.

Warzone: Iron WolfEdit

Iron Wolf arctic plot teaser

After the theme finished, the lights focus on Alec Verdoorn.

Alec Verdoorn: Your name is Calvin Silex. You were hunted by the strongest force in the world, but you changed the role. The prey became the predator.

This short introduction follows by Alec Verdoorn leaving the stage. The stage changes into a cold-white setting.

On screen appears footage of a blizzard.

Plays from 0.00 to 0.30

On screen appears first person view of Saint. He stands on an ice layer, watching a helicopter crash on the ice. The ice breaks into pieces and one piece capsizes. Saint tries to climb on it, but he glides into the cold water. Making the screen goes black.

The view changes to spectator mode. You look from the deep to the hole in the ice. You see four soldiers, drowning in the cold water between pieces of the crashed helicopter. A telephone conversation starts playing.

Wolfhound: Yeah?

Captain: It's me, Predator successfully retreated all intel.

Cardinal: (In the background) Take the shot!

Wolfhound: (Waits) And?

Captain: Looks like our intel on Parker was solid.

Prophet: (In the background) Parker got a fucking doomsday weapon!

Wolfhound: That confirms our report from the HVT that China would act loyal to him.

Seraph: (In the background) A wolf has to bite off his own leg to survive...

Captain: (Waits) So one of the soldiers is KIA for something we already knew?

Deuce: (In the background) If you don't do it, we all die!

Wolfhound: (Sighs) You know the contingency, Captain. Hold yourself to the orders...

Captain: Affirmative. Predator will take him out at any cost.

Screen goes black.

Saint: (In the background) I'm coming for you.

A scene of the reveal trailer starts playing. The scene is double-quick and it flashes from scene to scene very quickly. After the scene, the tagline: "Fear the predator" is shown and after that the cover. Screen goes black and the lights go on. Stage is clear.

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