The subject matter of this article was cut from the final version of a game.

Deep Hollows
Game Warzone: Iron Wolf
Character Possibly Charlie "Spike" Thompson
Team Possibly Task Force 121
Date 2023

 Deep Hollows is the nickname of a scrapped mission in Warzone: Iron Wolf. According to in-game files, the mission Sagitarrio would've been replaced by Deep Hollows, according to a file saying in the beginning of Sagitarrio and a hidden console name sp_mansion, which can be related to Deep Hollows.

Another unused line for Psycho appeared in the files for Legends Never Die, saying that: "We don't even know if the intel the woman gave was any good.", suggesting that the mission involved finding a woman which had valuable intel in the CIA Blacksite raid. However, there aren't any audio files of the line, neither of any other unused lines from Legends Never Die, suggesting that the level was rewritten rather quick.

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