The Deception Multiplayer Beta is set to be released on August 23, 2020.  The beta is available to players for only one month and is designed to fix technical issues and to showcase the multiplayer which is rumored to be drastically different from it's singleplayer component.

Much like Homelands Community Test Beta, it will be used to further improve the game after it's release.

Beta Weapons


Deception's Beta has to gametypes upon release with two more planned to be added later.

  • Contention - "Eight highly trained hunter-killers go head to head in a battle of brawn and brains"
  • Distinction - "Stealth verses brute force as nimble spies go up against powerful combatants" 
  • Deathmatch (August 30)
  • Degradation (September 7
  • Discernment - (September 7)

Beta Proficiencies and Supplementations

Proficiencies offer the player an edge on the battlefield with each proficiency having it’s own modifiers allowing for further customization. Players can select up to three proficiencies, one from each tier followed by one modifier.


Loadout System

Combat Tactician

The Combat Tactician is a feature which aids the player in creating their loadouts, apart from this the player can choose a variety of key words that when combined together can create preset recommended loadouts based on the players level. From here on players can add and remove things to further customize their loadout.

  • Assault
  • Recon


Gunsmith is a feature which gives the player in-depth information of weapons as well attachment suggestions based of you class.


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