Day of the Machine
Developer(s) 5-7 Development
Publisher(s) NINE100 Studios
Designer(s) David Burnes
Engine Scar Engine
Released August 17 2016
Genre(s) Action-Adventure/Third-Person Shooter
Ratings 18 (BBFC)
18 (PEGI)
Platform(s) PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Media Optical disc, download
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"One final stand"
―Game tagline.

*Day of the Machine is tactical /3rd Person Shooter video game directed and written by David Burnes, developed by 5-7 Development and published by NINE100 Studios. The game is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on August 17 2016.


Development on Day of the Machine began in late 2015, shortly after the release of 5-7's first game, Downfall.


"With Day of the Machine, we wanted to make sure that player's who don't like turned based games can still enjoy this. So if you want, you could play through the whole thing as a cover shooter, but we recommend you try the strategic elements as well."
David Burnes
Day of the Machine is primarily a squad based 3rd Person Shooter, but incorporates elements from strategic games such as XCOM. As the leader of Hekate Squad, the player has 2 other soldiers at his command. By issuing orders, the player can move them to different points on the map, while also commanding them to doing actions such as firing upon the enemy and tagging enemies. By tagging targets, the accuracy of the squad members is greatly increased. Squad members can also throw grenades, and make distractions when in stealth situations. If they take enough damage, they will be downed until an encounter has ended. If all squad members are downed in the one encounter, the encounter starts again from the beginning.

Each squad member has a set of 3 stats. The health stat determines how much damage must be dealt to down them. The agility stat determines their speed. Finally, the skill stat increases weapon handling and is required for some weapons and gadgets. Throughout the course of the game, the squad will come across Squad Support Stations (SSS), where the weapons and gadgets of the squad members can be swapped and upgraded. They can also be used to re-spec squad members. Every time a squad member is re-specdidid, they lose one stat point. However, re-speciding multiple stats at the one time will only result in the loss of one stat point.

A wide variety of gadgets can be taken from SSS during the course of the game. Some can provide extra firepower during the battle, such as a grenade launcher or an attack drone, while others can change the core gameplay drastically. For example, the Sparrow Drone provides a top down view of an encounter, allowing the player to have a greater view of a battle as well as more freedom when commanding squad members.

Hekate Squad Edit

Aedon Edit

Health Agility Skill
7 7 7

Isaac Edit

Health Agility Skill
6 6 9

Ajax Edit

Health Agility Skill
5 9 7




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