An attachment is an optional enhancement, modification or accessory for a weapon. Players can equip up to two weapon attachments

Optical AttachmentsEdit

Optical Attachments are designed to assist aiming. All optics improve the view of the player while aiming, either by enhancing the zoom-in effect or allowing for greater visibility of the battlefield, especially underneath the point of aim where the firearm itself usually obscures the view from iron sights.

  • Rapid Target Acquistion Sight - The RTA Sight offers improved target acquisition using a pinpoint LED displayed in an open mount.
  • Multipurpose Holosight - Provides a clearer view of the target than an RTA Sight.

Muzzle AttachmentsEdit

Muzzle Attachments are devices fitted to the muzzle of a firearm. Some might reduce recoil, eliminate flash and suppress the weapons sound

  • Suppressor - Reduces noise and muzzle flash when fired, decreases bullet velocity
  • Choke

Integral AttachmentsEdit

Integral Attachments are often exclusive to a particular weapon but some can be used on other weapons.

  • Select Fire - Switch to Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic fire modes for a more veristile weapon, exclusive to the EX556.
  • Granine Frame - Lightweight pollymer allows for faster handling and mobility, exclusive to the R16 REC-AR and the Tombstone Ballistic Shield.
  • Hemlok Rounds - Rounds designed for Urban Combat operations, exclusive to the BF-R Mucker.
  • Heat Adaptor - Reduces fire rate over time which decreases recoil, exclusive to the Helios CR-H
  • High Velocity Rounds - Eliminates the need to lead targets, exclusive to the Helios HV-R