The game starts with the main protagonist Tobin Wade explaining the situation he is in. He is a CIA operative, not a regular one. He says that he's part of a false flag operation called: Operation Corea. He tells him that he knows more than other people, but also misses a lot which is behinds his back. He tells you that the people where close, finding out what it was, but failed when thinning that it was only the Pan Am flight. Corea is a worldwide operation, with him controlling drugs transport through Africa. They get the drugs, they transport it to Angola, but he doesn't know what happens with it after that, neither does he care for it. At last, he tells you that he sometimes raises the question for himself: Who wins, who loses? After all, all he knows that it's not him who loses.

A scene starts playing with three choppers scouting the savannah. One chopper is moving a sniper towards his position, while the others approach an enemy convoy. The other chopper gets the order to land and get the package from the convoy, while the other chopper needs to be at the LZ when the strike team has succeeded. Tobin is part of the strike team and lands on the ground, stepping off the chopper running towards cover. The sniper starts engaging on the convoy, who are surprised by the attack and grab their guns. Strike team starts to engage on the targets, taking them all out. They approach the convoy of trucks and a few people move into the trucks while others cover their back. One soldier shouts Jackpot when he finds the boxes in the truck. They load out and the extraction chopper lands next to him. They load in the boxes and step in, leaving the convoy as a dead prey in the middle of nowhere.

Leaving a dead convoy in the middle of nowhere, the CIA chief named Reginald Konrad gets a warning letter from a local warlord. The warlord tells Konrad to give back his drugs or he will get problems with his soldiers in the area. Konrad is not impressed by the statement and sends Tobin alongside fellow squad mates Mark DeSanta, Dan Stigman and Jack Tuwey on an assassination mission on the local warlord. The squad proceeds to the warlord's camp's perimeter on a hill and DeSanta gives Tobin a sniper to cover them. The three go down the hill while Tobin covers them. When the three footmen smokes out the warlord, Tobin kills him from afar and the camp is set on fire. They return back to the camp, where Konrad is waiting for them. He tells the group that the job is done, but a wildfire unfortunatly draw attention of journalists, who could find out what they've done.

That night, the squad is tasked to stop a revenge attack from the warlord's militia. It is believed that the transport boat is rigged with an explosive and the team executes operation Dark Stalker to stop the detonation. However, they cannot go loud under any circumstances and kill as less as possible. If so, they need to get rid of the bodies. After loading their gear, they head towards the harbor. They enter the ship via the water and leave as many people as possible alive before entering the storage. The storage is full of packages and they use a sensor to look for the explosive. They find t explosive, which is hidden inside a briefcase. They take it with them and try to retreat, when suddenly a massive explosions rips off the front of the shi. The ship starts collapsing and sinking, with the CIA trying to escape from the enemies, who are africans. The enemies have RPGs and the explosions make it difficult to escape. Ultimately, the team escapes and gets some footage of the burning ship, in case of suspicious behaviour from the authorities. 

They head back to the base, where the command tells them that they have lost all packages on board and that the buyers of them are going to ditch their contact if they won't deliver the amount of drugs they promised. Konrad arrives and tells them that they are trying to track the drugs route for a big score, but they believe that they know who set up the trap. It is a CIA agent, who recognized by Tobin and the others as Bobby, a friend of them. Konrad says that he is on the run since what they believe to be a few hours before Dark Stalker and that the squad needs to find and kill him. The squad goes into the wild and use a unmanned drone to shoot footage of their position to look for him. Sometimes, they bumb into enemy outposts and can decide to attack it or pass by.

After a while, they find Bobby in a ranger's hut. They decide to let Tobin get in, while the others secure the area to prevent him to escape. Tobin sneaks towards the hut, finding out that Bobby killed the rangers inside it. He walks right into the room with him and Bobby reaches for a gun, but Tobin tackles him first. They have a fist fight and Bobby makes a run for it upstairs. Tobin pursues him, but gets ambushed by a ranger, who has survived Bobby's attack. He smacks Tobin in his face, but is kicked in the balls and pushed out of the window, dropping dead. Tobin sees Bobby jumping from a balcony and grabs the ranger's hunting rifle. He aims at Bobby, who's running through the tall grass and hits him, not mortally. He calls in the others, who arrive in a jeep. He walks towards Bobby, who's trying to get away but doesn't get far with a bullet wound in his leg. The others arrive at Bobby and ask Konrad what to do, who immediatly tells him to execute him and ditch the body in the wild. Bobby softly brings out that they can't do it and that he has seen things, but Tuwey buts a bag on his head and DeSanta fires his pistol in his head. Tuwey and Stigman get rid off the body, while Tobin waits for them in the jeep and drives them back to the base.

When they arrive at the base, the operatives are getting ready for a raid. A fellow operative tells them that they found a massive drug storage twenty clicks from their position. The squad splits and Tobin steps in an armored vehicle, amnning a machine gun. They head towards the safehouse and began their attack buy demolishing the building by using rockets and machine gun fire. Tobin then steps out and goes with another fifteen soldiers into the building, grabbing all crates they can find while defending their position from enemies. After enough is loaded, Tobin gets back in his vehicle and they start escaping. However, enemies are going into a hot pursuit and on the escape, an RPG hits the road in front of Tobin's vehicle and the driver is killed. With only one hand, Tobin tries to ge the vehicle under control, but they crash and Tobin blacks out.

After waking up, Tobin finds himself next to a burning vehicle with two badly hurt operatives. Enemy soldiers are approaching the truck and Tobin tries to give first aid, but is forced to run for his live. Using the tall grass and a croaching position, Tobin takes out the enemies like a crocodile in the water. After finding an accessable vehicle, he escapes and uses an enemy radio to mark an LZ for extraction. He succeeds and arrives at the LZ and is taken back to the base.

When arriving at the base and rendez vous with his squad, the team is called alongside other operatives to the main office of the base to witness a speech of Konrad. They do so, and Konrad tells them about the last situation and how the situation would've been when they had lost everything. If they couldn't deliver anything anymore, the operation would be blown. Suddenly, an overwatch interupts the speech via the intercom. He tells the operatives that they lost contact with the convoy, which was transporting all of their packages towards the harbor. It is possible that the convoy was raided by criminals, but the convoy was heavily guarded and brute force must've been. Konrad gets angry and goes towards the communication room. During the chaos, the satellite confirms the location of the convoy, which is raided and left behind without any trails of the packages.

After engaging in multiple reconnaissance missions to find out where the packages are, Konrad contacts the squad and tells them that an unidentified arms dealer has stored away all the drugs. They want someone to get in and assassinate him from inside and Tobin is chosen to do so. He is placed directly into the operation as a mercerany, because the real one has disappeared before he arrived, but left a note for them so that they knew where he was going to. He will have limited contact with the base, but he knows what to do. The only thing he needs to remember is that he doesn't to look further than his objective, which is a spoken rule in operation Corea. Tobin is given one last map to find his checkpoint with the militia of the arms dealer, who is dubbed as "The Jagaer".

The next few hours, Tobin makes his way to the Jaeger's safehouse. At some point, a poor looking guy says he has to follow him into a cabin. When Tobin asked what the problem is, the guy tells him that he knows he is the mercernay, because most bloodthirsty merceranies are white and there are not so many white people around. The guy then tells him that the deal continues, but doens't need to be afraid when he blacks out. Tobin doesn't understand it, but suddenly a man from behind puts a bag on his head. A narcotic liquid is sprinkled on the bag, making Tobin go unconscious.

Suddenly, Tobin wakes up in an wooden office, with two black men with AK rifles standing next to him. Tobin is facing a man in a chair from the right side, because he is facing the wall. He tells him a brief introduction to his organization, talking in a british accent. If Tobin gets the job done, he will get what is promised. If he gets more than the job done, they can negotiate about a higher price. Tobin takes no risks and says that he is interrested in the offer from him and that he will get done what has to be done, namely more than the job. The man laughs and agrees on Tobin's wise words and give's him a headphone, to keep in contact with him while doing the chores, and navigator. Tobin leaves the room, being nervous due the black men looking at him. After he leaves the room, he goes outside and starts to do some chores for the Jagaer.

After doing multiple tasks like assassinating targets or retrieving packages, Tobin goes back to the Jaeger and asks him if he can get that promotion. The Jaeger laughs and asks what it would be. Tobin responds by saying that he wants to know anythign about the infamous drug raid, which he had planned. Instead of feeling suspicious, the Jaeger starts laughing louder and says he has to follow him. Tobin follows him, feeling a bit strange about the Jaeger's response. He then enters a room with 5 briefcases. The Jaeger tells him that the drugs is sold to a busy businessman and that the money is for somethign big. With all the drugs gone and no oppertunity to kill the Jaeger, Tobin calls base to have a meeting with Konrad and his man to give a SitRep. 

That night, Tobin travels towards coordinates: Rhino. A 3 jeep convoy arrives and Konrad, his squad members and some others step out. Konrad asks why the fuck it is taking so long and Tobin explains that the drugs are gone. Konrad is amazed by that, but suddenly gets outraged and shouts at Tobin that he has to kill the son of a bitch. Tobin tells him that it is not a regular black man, but he's a white european man. Konrad says that he doesn't care and that Tobin must get the job done. Tobin asks why they can't do it, but that's because the CIA can't enter the territory without major fights. He gets to complete his job before the next nightfall. Tobin hesitates when saying that it is going to be dealt with, but Konrad steps angrily back in the jeep. Tuwey tells Tobin that it is going to be just okay when he is done with it, but DeSanta says that Tobin is playing it too safe and that he has to pump that bastard's body full of metal. The convoy drives away and Tobin returns to the safehouse, still thinking about how he can take out the Jaeger.

The next day, Tobin doesn't report for duty, but is spying on the daily schedule of the security of the safehouse. He finds out that the security is pretty solid and plans to sabotage most of it before killing the Jaeger. He plants some explosives or sabotages devices in and around the building in stealth. He then executes his plan and the security is put off for most part. Tobin goes inside and starts fring at the enemies in teh buidling, slowly making his way to the office of the Jaeger. After a long fight in the slowly burning to ashes building, Tobin arrives at the office, but nobody is in it. He looks for anyhting in the office, because he gets nervous due the fact he blew his cover and failed to kill him. He finds a wrap of papers on the desk. One reads the "Deathlist", and the name of Alec Frost is marked. Various other names are on it, including Raul Vasco's, but at the end it says "you". Another file says: "False Flag operation. Kill the HVI under any circumstances." The file tells about a whole Black op to kill the target, an MI6 agent which Tobin thinks is Frost. Tobin puts the files in his vest and flees from the building, back to the base.

After a long walk, he arrives at the base and goes towards Konrad, who's in the stratefy room. Tobin tells him that the mission failed, but that he knows who the Jaeger is. Konrad is surprised hearing Frost's name and asks how he knows that. Tobin throws the files on the table and asks angrily why he was targeted when he was a MI6 agent. Konrad remains silent when Tobin points out the similarity between Bobby's death and this operation. Konrad suddenly starts to laugh silently, saying that Tobin broke the one rule he didn't have to make. He tells the others that Tobin is turning to the enemy and a guard knocks Tobin on the ground. Tobin is barely awake when he sees two feet approaching his face. His head is lifted by a hand and he looks Konrad right in the face. Konrad laughs again and tells him that he should've been less suspicious. Tobin tries to reach Konrad's neck, but is too weak. Konrad pushes away the hand and headbutts Tobin knock out.

Slowly, Tobin starts seeing light, but goes knock out again. This repeats a few time before he knows that he is in a car. He goes out again and wakes up when being pushed on the ground, with his hands tied together. At the car are standing DeSanta, Stigman and Tuwey. DeSanta is holding a gun, while Tuwey is walking away from him. DeSanta says that this is only because he got the orders, but Tuwey starts shouting at him that he can't betray a friend. Stigman remains silent. DeSanta then turns around Tobin's head who's now facing the skyline of the savannah. When DeSanta is right about to pull the trigger, Tobin grabs the gun with his hadns behind his backs and twists his body. The gun and DeSanta fall over and Tobin gets of the rope from his hands and grabs the gun. He aims at Stigman who's reaching for a gun and shoots him in the shoulder. Tuwey raises his hands to surrender, but Tobin does shoot him in his leg. Suddenly, DeSanta jumps on Tobin and tries to submiss him, but Tobin fires twice in his chest. seeing the three wounded friends, Tobin runs away into Frost's territory where the CIA can't come. When he thinks he is far enough in the territory, Tobin gets some rest to let the experiences from those seconds ago get through him. He then only feels anger towards the CIA for betraying him and raises his middle finger in the air. Another scene shows a CIA operative watching the satellite footage of Tobin raising his middle finger and calls Konrad, who's leans forward to see him. When the operative asks what to do, the only thing Konrad says is: "Well played. It's going to be a lot of fun to rip you apart."

Tobin is exhausted when he arrives at the river shore. He remembers to follow it to get in the centre of the land, far away from CIA. He follows the river against the stream. On his way, he seems to remember the area. When he is approached by a guy, Tobin recognizes him as an asset of Frost. Tobin tries to leave, but the asset tells him that Frost doesn't have to know anything about their meeting. The only thing Tobin has to do, is to meet the hirer, the one who's running various assassin operations in the area. Tobin can work as a contract killer for him to come around. Tobin is sceptical, but seeing other choice, he decides to agree on finding the hirer. The asset says the hirer can be found in a cabin, near the beak of the low valley. Tobin doesn't quite understand that, but the asset already starts walking away. He says that he'll tell the hirer that Tobin's coming and then vanishes into the woods.

Confused of how to find the beak of the low valley, Tobin heads to an communications outpost in the distance. Unfortunately, it is swarmed by enemies. He silently makes his way up the tower and opens the office. Finding a map of the area. He opens it and marks what looks like the beak, four miles away. He was about to turn around when an enemy walks in. In a split second Tobin jumps out the window onto a ledge of the tower. He has alarmed all the enemies and grabs a hunting rifle which lays next to him, presumebly from a scout who worked up the tower. He uses it to escape his enemies and hides in the woods. He sees some vehicles passing by looking for him and that gives him an idea. He waits for a sole vehicle and shoots the driver and all other passengers. He uses the vehicle to get to the beak of the low valley, trying to avoid enemy checkpoints on his way.

He arrives at the beak, only to scout the area for anyone. All he sees is a huge savannah desert surrounded by hills. He walks down into the valley. Suddenly, he hears someone saying something. He looks around, but sees nobody. The voice continues to asks him what he is doing, with Tobin turning around every rock he sees. He finds a radio, which also has a mic on it. He asks the man if he is the hirer, on which the man responds positively. Tobin asks where he is hiding and receives intructions to follow. After completing the steps, he finds a hidden shelter underground and enters it, finding the hirer. The hirer is a 40-year old caucausian man who seems to have trouble moving around much. Tobin asks if it is a coincidence that all mighty men are white in the area, on which the hirer laughs. He then asks if Tobin is here to sign up for his network. Tobin replies to that, saying he is ready to do anything to get around. The hirer throws him a document of a warlord, saying that he is in, if he kills him. Tobin takes the document and leaves the place.

A few days pass by as Tobin clears contracts for the hirer and they grow a sort of forced but comfortable relationship. The hirer reveals his real name to be Allen and everythign seems to get back on track, until Allen throws a different kind of assignment to Tobin. The file he gets is about Frost, the Jaeger. Feeling afraid to confront his nemesis he began to fear, Allen offers him whatever he wants inside his network, if Frost gets killed. Frost seems to hold the strings across the land and is a threat to Allen's network. Tobin leaves Allen's office and goes to look for Frost asset's to get his location.

After getting Frost's location, Tobin gears up and travels to it. He sneaks inside the buildign without getting caught and looks for Frost's office. He finds it and steps inside, stepping into an empty room. Tobin decides to look around for interresting intel, but right when he looks in the drawer, a guard steps inside. Tobin grabs his gun and fires at the guard, killing him. Tobin immediatly tries to escape, but a smoke bomb explodes in front of him and makes him loose consciousness. He later wakes up sitting once again in that damned chair in Frost's office, with Frost and two guards looking at him. Frost starts asking what Tobin is doing and what he wants to achieve, to which Tobin replies that he wants to kill Frost, who starts laughing. He says that he knows Tobin and what he really wants, because they aren't so much different. Frost explains how Tobin really wants revenge on Konrad and the rest of the CIA, which shocks Tobin's mind since he does want that  but didn't realize it. Frost offers Tobin a chance for redemption and revenge, the only thing is to accept Frost's help. Tobin, not sure wether Frost is good or evil, accepts the offer and from that point, he runs for Frost's network.

Now that Tobin runs the errands of Frost, Tobin gets access to better weaponry and quickly gets an infamous name across the land. Tobin's influence in the network rises and he gets Frost most important asset. Most of the africans get afraid of him, even when they are both part of Frost's network. However, Tobin quickly realizes something is wrong and when he decides to smoke some drugs with some black soldiers, Tobin sees a vision of Frost and Konrad rapidly changing into one another. They pull out a gun and fire, making Tobin black out. He regains consciousness as the soldiers try to wake him up. He was scared by the vision that he runs away. After that, he tries to avoid Frost for quite some time and starts doing missions for Allen again. Tobin's personality quickly shifts from being loyal to being on his own ordering the natives around to do everything he desires. 

One time, Tobin searches an abandoned ranger villa for equipment with some of his lapdogs as he hears another person in the home. He orders his soldiers to search for the source, but they seem to find it strange. Tobin walks alone through the house getting his thoughts straight, as he suddenly sees Frost standing in the hallway with a pistol in his hand. Tobin takes a step back and slowly walks into the bathroom, when Frost makes his question again: What do you want? Then Frost shoots Tobin, who immediatly blacks out. He regains vision, but it is blurry. He hears his soldiers shout they heard gunfire. Tobin tries to get up and then climbs through the bathroom window and falls out of the villa. He feels heavy and about to collapse as he crawls away. However, bloodlose makes him unconscious again.

He wakes up, in a emergency medical camp, with him being the only patient. He sees a doctor and a soldier, talking about how the gun resembles a bullet, which wasn't from the gun Frost held. Tobin gets up, which is very difficult. He steps of the hospital bed and the doctor reacts immediatly that he needs to lay down and rest. Tobin reacts that he needs to fuck off, because he couldn't be a real doctor. The soldier now tries to force him back into bed, which angries Tobin who grabs a scalpel and stabs the soldier in his neck. The blood squirts out as the doctor starts screaming. Tobin approaches him too and also stabs him, saying that he is their leader now. He leaves the camp, messed up besides the bullet wound in his chest. 

Following the incident, Tobin grows a grudge against Frost and plans to kill him. However, Allen intercepts Tobin during a rampage through a village. He tries to get Tobin back earth, which succeeds partially. Tobin is able to control his anger, but is determined to kill Frost. He now knows what he wants, sweet revenge on the guy that shot him. Allen is sceptical, but as he sees how determined Tobin is, he reveals a contact he had for a while. The contact is a rogue CIA operative, who works behind the backs of the commanders to channel drugs and information in trade off his needs. Allen says that the guy is crazy as hell and that Tobin might be the person he wants. If Tobin wants valuable information, that contact might be his only real source. Tobin agrees on the plan and asks Allen to make an appointment with the contact and asks the contact's name. Allen referes to him as Roger, so all Tobin needs to do is to complete Roger's tasks.

Tobin meets up with Roger just outside the beak. Tobin immediatly notices the weird impression Roger makes. When they start talking, Tobin' expectations meet reality as Roger seems to be a sadistical "son of a bitch". After Tobin expresses that feeling, Roger laughs and says that he likes him. Tobin asks him to get to the point, on which Roger explains that if Tobin wants the information, he needs to sabotage some CIA missions. Roger gives locations, dates and cargo which Tobin has to follow and sabotage to frame it as an attack from natives. After doing some missions for Roger and receiving no intel, Tobin gets frustrated and directly asks Roger when he is going to give it. Like how the personality of Roger, so he reacts saying that one more mission should be fine. At least, to give some high value drone footage of Frost's building, surveillance and guard posts. Tobin accepts to do one more mission, which Roger explains to be completely different. All he wants is Tobin to burn some civilians to provoke a conflict with some natives and that the CIA would be distracted by the turmoil as the natives are friends to the CIA.

Tobin heads to the village in CIA clothes of Roger. There, he traps some people in a building by blocking all escapes. The people inside are some adults and some children. He then sets it on fire and waits for people to see him in his clothes to make sure he is recognized as CIA. He also drops a prewritten note by Roger on the place and then leaves, heading back to Roger. It is nightfall and the burning house is seen from a distance. They meet on a hill and Roger ecpresses his joy to Tobin, who is impatient to get the intel. Roger however, takes his time with laughing and partying a little. Suddenly, armed natives arrive at the hill surrounding them, interupting Roger's party. They seemed to have followed Tobin and demand Tobin and Roger to surrender, but Roger gets angry and starts making insults at them. Suddenly, one guy fires his weapon and kills Roger. They then disarm Tobin and take him back to their village and place Tobin in a cage. The next morning a few natives arrive at the cage, escorting an elderly man. They say strange things and then take Tobin out of the cage. The elder faces Tobin and sticks his face up close to Tobin's face. He then starts saying that Tobin seems to be suffering from a demon, one that let's his fear control him.

He then takes Tobin to a private room and starts using plants to get Tobin in a trance, while explaining what is going on with Tobin. In the trance, Tobin steps into a new world which is full of neon colors in a dark and empty space. The elder explains that Tobin's fears control him and that it'll lead him to his death. During the trance, Tobin sees both visions of Konrad and Frost, both threatening and offering help to Tobin. The elder says that if Tobin wants to be able to know what is real, he needs to trust one of them. Tobin says that he can't decide, as they are both bad people. Then like a shock, Tobin faces the revelation that Frost never shot him. It is revealed to him by remembering the doctor's quote and remembering that nobody was in the villa, that he shot himself in the chest. Now Tobin gets out of the trance and says that he wants to trust Frost, with the elder saying that he is healed from his fear, but not of his dark side which still has roots in his heart. Tobin promises that he will do everything to get clear again, but the elder says that that would be impossible. The elder now turns away and Tobin steps outside, seeing a major crowd looking at him in awe. Tobin feels mighty, seeing them, but also sees that they are afraid. Tobin then shouts: "Accept me as your Savior, and I'll save you all!" The crowd shouts back, confirming that they trust Tobin.

He returns to Allen and tells him that he is going to face Frost again, revealing his true identity now. Allen agrees to that and let's Tobin travel to Frost's hideout. There he goes to the office and explains everything that happenned to him and why he left, while Frost listens silently and with his back turned to Tobin. Suddenly, Frost asks again: "What do you want?", But this time, Tobin answers sternly: "Redemption, nothing else." Frost laughs and says that he will bring him redemption. By being in Frost's network, Tobin organizes a plan to takedown the CIA. He carries out multiple missions himself, but also plans some. The CIA activity slowly decreases and Tobin and Frost stand on the edge of victory, which grants them both revenge and redemption.

However, suddenly a massive CIA counterattack starts and the natives are killed like ants by the brutal and well-equipped Americans. Tobin hastily visits Frost, who says that they need to stop it or they will lose everything. Tobin asks how they would do that, with Frost replying that they need to stop taking out pawns and take out the higher pieces. Tobin then thinks of how Allen could help them organizing assassination missions and Frost agrees. Tobin leaves the place to visit Allen, while Frost leaves to visit the frontlines. 

Tobin arrives at Allen's house. He tells Allen about the plan, but Allen is doubting. The CIA is a worldpower and fighting them like this wouldn't solve anything. Tobin then tells that he promised everyone that he will save them and Allen then says that he could do some recon for him, but nothing else. Tobin says that that is everything he needs. Tobin then leaves and visits the frontlines, waiting for Allen to call back. When Allen calls, Tobin returns to the house and looks at the intel. Allen noted some of the operatives who act as commanders for the troops. Tobin spots his 3 old friends, DeSanta, Stigman and Tuwey. Tobin then says that he wants Allen to get assassins on the others and that he will handle his friends, because if someone is going to kill them, it got to be him. Allen says that would be hard and Tobin gives him access to the numbers of employees from Frost and him. Tobin than leaves to plan the triple assassiantion of his friends.

He locates all of them and gets his equipment ready. Tobin first leaves to find DeSanta, a.k.a. the Bastard he never liked. He finds DeSanta in a ranger post and kills the private guards of DeSanta. He bursts into the room with DeSanta and instead of immediatly shooting him, he let's DeSanta look at him. DeSanta tries to make Tobin angry, but Tobin keeps approaching him slowly until he is an arm lenght away. DeSanta than synically laughs and says that he now looks and acts like "a nigger" and then quickly tries to punch Tobin. However, Tobin evades and slams DeSanta against the wall and stabs him, whispering that he was always better than him. DeSanta them blows his last breath and collapses, with Tobin thirst for blood quenched. He then walks to Stigman's location. Different from DeSanta's death, Tobin uses a sniper to kill Stigman from afar to end it quickly, so he doesn't have to suffer. Tobin now realizes he has himself under control, channeling his anger on the people he hates.

He then travels to Tuwey's location. He lays down on a valley and aims for Tuwey, but a guard on patrol on the valley interrupts him and hits Tobin hit a rifle's buttstock. The sniper falls down and Tobin recovers and evades a second attack. He then punches the guard, disarms him and stabs him in his neck. Hearing the radio of the guard trying to contact him, Tobin grabs a rocket launcher the guard was carrying and fires at the building, into the room where Tuwey was. He then escapes and sets a rendezvous point with Frost at his compound. 

They meet at the compound, with Frost saying that the CIA has stopped the mass slaughter and are now walking like uncoordinated kids with down syndrome, thanks to the assassinations. Tobin says that he has pushed his boundaries, but also says that he has accepted his new life. However, the conversation takes a turn in mood as Frost now offers to execute the last stage of Tobin's redemption. Tobin doesn't understand what is going on and Frost explains that everything he does is to help others, with revenge, redemption or might. Tobin says that he knew that, but asks why Frost mentions a last stage. Frost then replies that all Tobin ever wanted, was Konrad's head. Now he gives him the chance to do it. Tobin refuses to agree on Frost's plan and Frost then makes an ultimatum. Tobin is more powerful than any of them, but he is also weaker than them, more vulnerable. Tobin slowly gets back in the trance like when he was with the elder. If he doesn't end his fear, Frost will become his enemy and Tobin will let the roots make his heart dark. He then gets back in the real world. Frost pulls out a gun and flips it with the grip towards Tobin. If Tobin accepts Frost's last stage of redemption, he grabs the gun and says that he will follow Frost. If he doesn't accept it, he denies the weapon and Frost flips back the weapon. 

Tobin joins Frost's effort to takedown Operation: Corea by killing Konrad. Frost tells Tobin about his plan, an infiltration of Konrad's hideout with help from the militias. The first phase Tobin needs to complete is to secure the facility blueprints and keys from a mobile armored convoy. Tobin has to recon the possible areas of the location of the convoy to prepare a plan to assault it. He can either choose to do it stealthily alongside a few trained mercenaries or can go a direct assault on the convoy with a personal militia army. Either way, Tobin executes the plan and secures the intel on Konrad's hideout and brings back the intel to Frost, who meanwhile has started with phase 2: Preparing a convoy to enter the hideout with. Tobin can help prepare the convoy by recruiting members of the militias and looting equipment. A stronger convoy gives the assault a higher success ratio. Once Tobin finds the convoy fit, he can execute the final phase: Enter the hideout and kill Konrad.

Before Tobin leaves with the convoy, Frost tells Tobin that he has to leave the country ASAP, because the CIA will quickly try to get the situation under control once Konrad is dead. Tobin asks why he shouldn't leave with him, to which Frost responses that the fight isn't over with Konrad, and that he needs someone on the inside to finish it for him. Tobin and Frost give each other a final goodbye and the convoy heads to the facility.

Once the convoy arrives near the facility, a member of the convoy uses the stolen keys to unlock the gate and they ride right into the hideout. However, guards noticed that the key belonged to the destroyed mobile convoy and they still raised the alarm. Tobin rushes into the facility while fighting off guards. With the help of mercenaries and militia members, he fights towards the command room. Konrad is taunting Tobin for his betrayal through the speakers, making Tobin more bloodthirsty. Eventually, Tobin finds the command room and enters it, securing the room with the help of other guys. He lets the other guys take away the guards to be alone with Konrad in the room. He closes the door behind him and shoots Konrad in both his knees, making him yell in pain.

Yet, Konrad's yelling transforms into laughing, with him taunting Tobin that it wouldn't end with him. Tobin says he already knew that, so he wants to know how to finish it. Konrad laughs cynically again, making Tobin grab his knife and Konrad's hand. He cuts of his index finger and says that he will cut off everything from his fingers and toes to his nose and ears, unless he gives him what he wants. Konrad mumbles that he doesn't say one word about it. Tobin replies by cutting off the next finger. He pulls up and pushes him on a table with a map of the heart of Africa next to it. He shouts to Konrad the point the heart of the operation. When Konnrad doesn't respond, Tobin goes for the next finger when the screen blacks out.

The screen goes back with a blood stain marking a location. Tobin rolls up the map and looks at the dying Konrad next to him, who know misses a complete hand. Konrad looks up, right when Tobin says: Remember who to fear. Tobin then leaves the room when the screen blacks out again, rolling credits.

Tobin denies to join Frost, who leaves the room with the gun, saying that he doesn't need Tobin to finish it. Tobin leaves the compound and messages Allen, saying he wants to pull a hit on Frost. Allen tells Tobin that Frost is a ghost for everyone except Tobin, nobody will be able to kill him. Tobin then says that he will do it, if Allen knows how to. Allen doubts, but eventually agrees to give some intel on how to find Frost. First thing Tobin needs to do is to raid a compound of Frost's main henchman, to find his safe house address. Tobin does so and finds an encrypted datafile. The datafile contains schedules that tell Frost's resource managing operation a.k.a. stealing the drugs from the CIA. Once Allen received this intel from Tobin, he tells him that if they can destroy his operation, the cauldron will stop boiling and thus they will be able to safely destroy Corea without a clan war raging.

Tobin uses the schedules to plan to destroy the drug storage of Frost. He hires mercenaries and militia members to help him assault the primal convoy and the drug storage it goes to. He also has to find certain equipment like incendiary grenades, flamethrowers and flares. The stronger the group of mercenaries, the higher success ration during the assault on the convoy and the storage. He and the members hijack the primal convoy at an assigned ambush point and head to drug storage assigned on the GPS.

On the way, a cellphone in the cabin goes off an Tobin answers it. Frost is on the other end, telling Tobin that he is long gone if he wants to kill him. Tobin says that he is pulling the plug out of Frost's operation and Frost replies that Tobin doesn't know what he is doing. Tobin tells Frost that he knows what he is doing, ending Frost's supremacist organization and receives a faint laugh from the other end before the line cuts off.

The convoy arrives near the storage location, with Frost's henchmen having set up defenses. A heavy firefight ensues and Tobin fights towards the storage with his group of mercenaries. Once inside, he orders members to grab incendiaries and flamethrowers. They set the storage on fire and once everything is done, they leave the premises. Tobin quickly heads back to Allen's location, who managed to decrypt the location of the safe house. Tobin asks how to destroy it and Allen tells him about a drone Tobin captured in a previous mission. If Tobin went to a position closely and launch that drone towards the building, let it explode and enter it during the havoc, they can pull off the operation effectively without the help of henchmen. Tobin agrees and heads to the vault with the drone.

Having put remote explosives on the drone, he goes to a hill next to the safe house, which is perfectly hidden from plain sight. He boots up the drone and flies it into the building unseen. He uses it to fly towards a gas pipe assigned on the blueprint by Allen. He gets the drone close and detonates it. The building explodes and Tobin heads towards it, taking out confused guards before entering the building. He sweeps the area looking for intel and finds the room he met Frost in. On his desk is a map that is scorched, but he can still see a marker spot on a place. He takes the map with him and eliminates any guards that are still breathing. He calls Allen once he is outside, holding the map against the light to get a better view of the marker. Allen picks up and Tobin says: I might have the key to this all. The screen blacks out and credits roll.

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