This is a list of controversial sentence said in the game Dark Half 2. Many sentences include racial references to black people. This is done to display American imperialism and elitism, especially when they have immense amount of power in their hands. This is not my opinion and please don't be offended.


"If that nigger who calls himself the "warlord" of this place thinks he's better than me, I have a nice surprise for all other "warlords" and let them keep their fucking gigantic lips shut."
―Reginald Konrad after receiving a warning letter.
"Those motherfuckers have blown a whole in the ship! Why do they need to keep touching and stealing other's people stuff?!"
―DeSanta during Operation: Dark Stalker.
"They outsmarting us? *Laughs*, have you ever seen the size of a monkey's brain?"
―Stigman reporting after Dark Stalker
Tuwey: "Isn't that Bobby? Since when is he AWOL?"
DeSanta: "Probaply dropped his soap and liked the consequences from people here."
Tuwey: "Dude, knock off..."
— Tuwey and DeSanta during the briefing off the traitor, identified as Bobby.
Tobin: "...And then there's Tuwey."
Frost: "Can you trust him?"
Tobin: "He's black, but nevertheless a good guy. That's what was always said to him. He managed to handle himself, even with a dipshit like DeSanta as a friend."
— Tobin to Frost planning the triple assassination.
"How the fuck could you be a doctor, you're fucking black. It's like you got doctor approval from a fucking trashcan"
―Tobin after waking up in the medical camp
"I got this one job... Ruling over all these motherfucking niggers like a king."
―Tobin explaining his view on his position with Frost to Allen